Issues.. oh, so many issues

Jul 25, 2005

So, I upgraded to EE 1.3 because suddently my site wasn’t requiring a log in. WHAT?! I know I know. Two things about the log in. First, I don’t want other judgy eyes or people who wouldn’t understand what my blog is for to read it. And second, y’all left comments with the safe feeling that it’s under a passworded blog. So when it comes up without one? Yea, I freaked.

If you came yesterday and didn’t need to log in, can you let me know? I’m not sure exactly when it all was open.

I took down a couple of posts for the moment that would concern me if they were read by some people. I’m working on the issue. I *might* go to a different system where you’d have to log in to see all of these posts (and/or any more personal posts) and new non-personal posts would become public. Make sense? No? Yea, I know.. me either.

I’ll keep y’all updated on my issue. I have so many.. I swear.. I’ll let you know them all. ‘Cause they’re JUST that interesting. [snort]


  1. ummmm….WHAT?

    You so crazy…


    By Anne on 2005 07 25

  2. When I got in yesterday it didn’t ask me for a password, but I just thought that I finally figured out the auto-login thing- I had it in my favorites and everytime I would go there it would ask for my password and I would always check the auto login box, but it would always ask the next time, so the last time I logged in I redid the favorites link, so then yesterday I was able to get in without it asking.  SO.  I’m not much help!  I thought it was just the auto login thing, but maybe it was just letting me in?

    By Holly on 2005 07 25

  3. I did the same thing as Holly.  I just thought the auto-login was finally working smile  So I have NO clue whether I experienced the problem or not…unless auto-login’s just not supposed to *ever* work, in which case, I experienced the problem.

    By Seuss on 2005 07 25

  4. Damn I got scared there for a sec, no blog be back in a few? A girl needs her fix before those long hours away from the computer! Glad it’s back up and running!

    By Nicole on 2005 07 25

  5. Uh…when I went to your bookmarked site today (4:30pm on Tues) I didn’t have to log in at all and could access comments and posts….

    By Amy on 2005 07 26