It’s a long shot

Sep 30, 2005

#Weght Loss and Body Image

So, we hung out with skinnybitch and prettygirl today. I really really like PrettyGirl. She is the peace of the group. She keeps it together. She is pretty AND nice AND has great taste in clothing. AND she genuinly cares about people. She is amazing. I really do like her.

Skinnybitch and I got alone well with PrettyGirl around. We were good, sincere, and nice. We even walked to Starbucks together where I stayed to feed LB. Be proud of me but I didn’t roll my eyes ONCE. Seriously. Be. Proud.

The thing I notcied about skinnybitch is that she invited LB and I to her Mom’s house next week when PrettyGirl was around. But then, before she left us, she said, “Oh, ok. Well, we’ll see ya at the end of October for the mommy group party.” Oy. Maybe she forgot. Maybe she really doesn’t remember those things. That’s ok. I do that (Hell, I left the CAMERA on the CAR. Duh.) So I’m really not upset about it. She WAS just a general annoying, but hell, I do that, too.

In fact… wait.. shit! I’m not upset about anything! I guess the visit went well. I *did* snap a pic, but it’s all stealth and stuff.


So, maybe we should talk about how my belly can rest on my laptop now. ‘Cause I got nothin’.



  1. DID her sweater shrink or is she 6’9”?


    By Mygirlsma on 2005 10 01

  2. i don’t know what this is a picture of but that pink thing is too cool.

    By texasbelle on 2005 10 01

  3. Texasbelle…you not old enough to wear embroidered cardigans yet! But hey it’s pink and anything pink is cool with me.

    So do you guys have play groups any other place BESIDES in the middle of department stores?

    By Nicole on 2005 10 01