It’s Friday? WTF?

Jun 24, 2005

MIL left today about noon. I woke up at 11am this morning for the first actual sleep I’ve had in 6 days. Aside from sweating, tossing and turning, not breathing, puking and not being able to eat, the last week is a blur.  I was finally given antibiotics on Wednesday night after going back to the doctor. I have

had Strep Throat. Strep is not a terminal illness, but I swear, I was dying.

I’m 36 hours into antibiotics and while my throat still holds on to some of the pussy legions (groooossss), there are a lot less of them, I can (almost) swallow and I feel like dancing. Kinda.

I’m busy, y’all. BUSY. I got another class to teach this August, I have a few designs and I’m scrounging up my past work (which sucks.. woah.. I didn’t realize how much I’ve learned) to add to my portfolio. I’m torn if I should even post past work. Of course I’m capable of more now, but it’s a simple design that I used to use, so I probably will tout it.

The book club.. Ahhh, yes.. are y’all reading?? I’ve been sick and able to read Hypocrite in a Puffy White Dress for hours, y’all. HOURS. I’m on page 260-something. Y’all, this book KICKS ASSSS. I love it. I’ve laughed amid fever chills and puking. THAT is a good book. It’s been great to go to a place where I’m not me, I’m not dying, and I’m a lesbian newspaper reporter (my favorite chapter thus far) instead. So, lemme know where y’all are at. You’ve got another week or so.. (we can extend it if you want). In fact, how’s this? Shall we.. say.. extend Hypocrite in a Puffy White Dress until July 10th and start Harry Potter on July 16th? Anyone up for that?


  1. WOOOOOO!!!!  I like the book club extension!  Then I can read Hypocrite while (everybody but me is) on the beach!!  YAY!!!!

    By Seuss on 2005 06 24

  2. Ha either way works for me and Harry Potter - damn it’s about time that one came out. Now I will just need to argue the hubs to who gets to read it first! If he wins it will suck - he takes FOREVER to read a book. He is currently still working on one that he got for CHRISTMAS!

    By Nicole on 2005 06 24

  3. Yup extend it for me too…painting the kitchen at night has take over the reading time. I am all for Harry Potter too, so excited to read it. Since we are doing the book club thing, I get to read it before DH, WOO-HOO! Thanks Les!

    By speechjane on 2005 06 24

  4. Oh yay! HP! I wasn’t able to read the Hypocrite book, but I have my copy of HP coming to my door on the 16th, so I can join in the fun (you know, if I actually finish it before the year is over, oi).

    By Sarah on 2005 06 24

  5. Okay, am I the only one who read “pussy lesions” and was like, uhh… what the hell?! I won’t even tell you how I first read “pussy.” But I guess you DO spell those words the same way, huh?  wink


    I still need to get Hypocrite. But not to worry, I’m a speed reader.  I just have to get my butt out to the bookstore…

    By Erin on 2005 06 25

  6. HAHAHAHAHA.. Uh.. yea. That’s how I spell everything right? ‘Cause otherwise.. ooops and eeewwwww…

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2005 06 25

  7. That’s cool your book is making you laugh, even while you are sick!  I was going to check it out of the library, but our little library doesn’t have it, so I gave up.  Harry Potter sounds like fun, but since I haven’t read any of them, it’d take me awhile to catch up!  (someday, I suppose, I’ll read them, but I really don’t like reading sci-fi/fantasy…  It’s easier to watch it on tv!)

    By Holly on 2005 06 25

  8. Thank you on the extention…great idea.  And the HP?  I’m out on that.  I haven’t read any of them (even though I recommend them all the time to my students - though it’s not like I have to, they LOVE it), and like Holly, it’ll take me for-evah to catch up!

    By Charla on 2005 06 25

  9. Just started Hypocrite here (had to wait my turn from the library, Costco no longer had it) and am up for HP (have 1-5 in hardback!)

    Glad you survived/are surviving the strep throat. ..ugh—who gets sick in June?

    By Amy on 2005 06 25

  10. Thanks for the extension.  Just starting the book now.  And I guess I’ll have to read HP #5 fast so I can catch up for #6.  I just don’t want to pay for the hardback version, so we’ll see.

    By paigeocora on 2005 06 27