It’s not you, it’s me.

May 19, 2006


So, you might see some post on bloglines (or even in recent comments like when Jamie got to a post) because sometimes I post something for about 10 minutes, decide I want to add to it, take it down and then the kid starts playing with the gas from the BBQ or I realize something I should try to help get Mari back online or I remember my Mom had a really hard day and want to IM her to see how she’s doing.

And then it’s midnight and I go to bed. Until I remember I had this post in draft mode ... and I drift off to sleep…

So, no worries. I’m re-posting my Karma is a Bitch post (cause she is) and I’m even going to add screen shots! And pictures! WHEEE!


  1. Hahahahahahah.  And, oh, {gulp}. smile

    By Seuss on 2006 05 19

  2. I have the attention problem too.  We are here for you babe.

    By dizzymizzy on 2006 05 19

  3. Oh I get it now! wink I’m thoroughly addicted to Bloglines now so I keepupwicha dat way.

    By Jamie on 2006 05 19

  4. who? what?
    I’m just here for the cheap booze. Oh there aren’t any?
    Cheap entertainment?

    By candice on 2006 05 19

  5. I can’t wait for it!

    By brandi on 2006 05 20