It’s over, isn’t it?

Jan 22, 2007

I knew when I became a mom my life would never be the same. It was an intangible thought, though, one I would not fully grasp until well after LB’s first birthday. Perhaps even then, I struggle at times with how complex and deep these changes go.

Life changes beyond the obvious sleep deprivation, spit-up, baby crap that now resides in your living room/car/den/kitchen/coat pockets. It’s something that lives and breathes in your mind as you worry about fires, car accidents, illnesses. You cringe when they hurt and you cry when they cry. And you wake up running when they call for you at 2AM.

But most certainly the most glaring change of all, as I sit here trying to work while LB is at school and I listen to my iTunes library, is that somewhere after Nora Jones and Amos Lee I hear “Five Green and Speckle Frogs” by Rafaii.

Life will never be the same.


  1. Well??!!

    By Marie on 2007 01 22

  2. Can I tell you?  I sometimes put the Laurie Berkner CDS in while I’m driving alone.  As in, without the kids.  I understand.

    Boy? Girl????

    By CPA MOM on 2007 01 22

  3. Hrmmmm, the life changes kinda sneak up on you, I have found…considering that I have downloaded The Cat Came Back by Raffi…

    I hope you are doing well.

    By Fluffy Girl on 2007 01 22

  4. Can’t wait, Can’t wait, Can’t wait!

    By brandi on 2007 01 22

  5. Please don’t forget to check back.  We must know!

    By mdvelazquez on 2007 01 22

  6. Okay, the suspense is killing me.

    By Cheryl on 2007 01 22

  7. Last night I had the Ipod on and did not notice when it got onto the kids mix. My hubby came into the and asked what I was dancing too, I hade to be honest and say it was the “they might be giants” Kids CD No! Hawt I know!

    By Emily on 2007 01 22

  8. Damn. I just knew when I clicked to read more you were going to say ITS A BOY.

    Hurry up already!! We must know!

    By Karly on 2007 01 22

  9. Good luck with the Ultrasound!  Hope all your wishes come true…all of us in internet land can’t wait to hear the final verdict…hotdog or cheeseburger!?!

    By CK on 2007 01 22

  10. Two hours?  Can’t you hurry it up?! wink

    By Friglet on 2007 01 22

  11. I’ ve been thinking about you (and your ultrasound) all day!  I can’t wait for you to post…How ‘bout a moblog?

    By Charla on 2007 01 22

  12. Memories.  I lived and breathed Raffi for years.  Five Green and Speckled Frogs and Down By The Bay..those were my favorites!  smile

    Good luck with your ultrasound!

    By some girl on 2007 01 22

  13. I still think you need the bean necklace, then when this one graduates from high school, you can wear it and bawl your eyes out….not that you’re not going to do that anyway, just sayin….

    By Sonia on 2007 01 22

  14. My finger is killing me from all the refreshing.  Tell us already!

    By Whitney on 2007 01 22

  15. So…...?!?!?!?

    We’re still singing Raffi’s “Must Be Santa” song here….

    By AmyM on 2007 01 22

  16. We gave Delaney a copy of “Parakeets” for Christmas (it’s Jimmy Buffett’s songs sung by children). Now that is ALL we can listen to in the car. Her favorite is #2 which is “Volcano.” She shouts, “Wanna hear MY song!” during the entire drive even when “her song” is playing.

    Any news yet???

    By Colleen on 2007 01 22

  17. Dude, I thought I was the only one with Raffi on my ipod!

    By Kirdito on 2007 01 22

  18. Yup, pretty sure I too have sleep deprivation residing in all my pockets.  Especially those lightweight jackets I put away when it officially became too cold to wear them.  I just know it’s waiting in there for me when I get them out again this spring.

    By Jessica on 2007 01 24

  19. Gotta tell ya, my iPod and the music thing is one thing I will not give over to the kid stuff…  They have to listen to whatever I’m listening to (edited of course)  I grew up listening to my parents music…so, yeah…  It doesn’t seem to bother them too much.

    By sarahgrace on 2007 01 31