Learn to programm iApps from Stanford thanks to iTunesU. Free.

Sep 13, 2009

#She's Gone Geek Again


I purchased a book about a year ago for programming iPhone Apps. That book? The spine still isn’t broken; which is a sure sign that I’m either a) complete slacker or b) too anal to break the spines on my books.

Clearly it’s not B.

I tend to learn better through interaction so when I found out I could participate in a class at STANFORD for FREE?

I felt a little giddy.

So I’ll be participating in the Stanford iTunes U iApp Building. There is a series of podcast downloads with associated PDF slides of the lectures.

I’ll be downloading these files as quickly as possible before word gets out that I can get smart FOR FREE from STANFORD.


Maybe someone was completely baked when they thought this was a great idea, because it was. It is. And it feels a touch illegal, wrong, and a little dirty. Me getting smart off Stanford’s lectures.

Raur, baby. Just… Raur. Bring on teh sexy code!


  1. Yes, iTunesU is a wonderful place of free education.  However, some of the courses I’ve sampled from it were definitely worth exactly what I paid for it.  grin  Good luck with the iApps - I’m sure your code will be sexy.  Like, dirty sexy.

    By Carly on 2009 09 13

  2. That does sound cool!  Hope you get something good out of the class!  Make sure when you create your world-famous app it works with the iTouch because I don’t have an iPhone…

    By snarflemarfle on 2009 09 13

  3. Oh. My. God.

    Get OUT of my head.

    I have TWO iPhone apps on the go.  Not even kidding.

    Holy crap we ARE sharing a brain.  It’s freaky as shit.

    By Karen Sugarpants on 2009 09 19

  4. Me too me too! Will you share what you learn PUHLEEEASE??

    By syd on 2009 09 23