Let me ‘splain something to you

Jan 13, 2008

#Life#Rants and Raves

Do you ever wake up, look around, hear your kids in the next room and go, “when the hell did THAT happen? I have.. kids? TWO KIDS?”

I always heard marriage was hard work. To me, as a young married person, I never got it. Marriage? Marriage was never work. Marriage was the one thing that made sense to me. It was the single decision that I didn’t mind making. That was the easy part.

Married with children, on the other hand, not so much.

But some days, even among the most frustrating of them, it’s not the marriage part that’s hard, really. It’s just the kid part. And I wonder… does anyone ever explain this to the young folk? And this is also why the post that was here is no longer here and why you get me rambling about nothing instead.

Because right now, I can’t remember when we had two kids, and even though I wouldn’t give them back to save the planet, I’d certainly not mind a little bit of the young me that didn’t really know what sleep deprivation was or how frustrating a three year old can be.

And I wouldn’t mind that young married person’s body back while I’m thinking about it.


  1. Oh, I hear ya.  I am still young, and now with baby #2 coming in a few months, I look at our life and go “when the hell did this happen??”

    I would give so much to just be able to sleep and do whatever the hell I want for ONE day.  Just one.

    By Mrs. Mustard on 2008 01 13

  2. I’ve married and had kids pretty young (21 &22;).  I finally got to the point where I have THE WHOLE DAY to myself because they are both in school. I can sleep and am free to do as I chose.


    I’m considering going back to diapers and no sleep.

    (I am also wondering if I am completely crazy)

    By Loralee on 2008 01 13

  3. I would like that ONE day as well. Maybe someday? I must have hope that day will come (I am so tired). Yeah. When did this all happen? My son will be four next Sunday. My daughter (who was “supposed” to be a boy) is closing in on 17 months… I am so amazed. This one thing (well, two things) that I wanted so much makes me so dang frustrated and tired and blessed at the same time. Crazy! Forgot where I was going with this comment, so I am gonna stop while I am ahead!

    By hilary on 2008 01 14

  4. There are so many times I look at hubby and say “would ya look at that, there’s a little boy running around in our living room! We made that!” he smiles and says, “yep, we did.” It is all just so surreal at times and I have a hard time accepting the fact that this little person ? running around and starting to say no to everything including “are you a stinky little boy?” as well as “do you love me?” ? was ever a little blob of cells that was a little fishy swimming around in my belly and taking up my body. Sometimes when I work outside of the home and then come back after being away from him, it hits me again: oh yeah, I have a little kid in my house and I’m not babysitting. He’s really all mine. (and my husband’s) It’s some really neat and scary shit all at the same time!

    By TheMacMommy on 2008 01 14

  5. I offered to give my child to no less than THREE strangers this weekend.  So, I RELATE dahling! 

    Unfortunately, I DO remember when the hubby and I were without kids, and I do long for those days.  Like this weekend, friends of ours (without kids) invited us to go hear a great rockabilly band and dance.  Hubby nixed us going with because he didn’t want to be out until *gasp* 11 or 11:30.


    Sometimes I feel like I’m forgetting how to be ME and how to just have fun, and that is a bit disturbing.

    Kids are truly the tough part - I swear it’s what ruins most marriages!  It’s so hard to be a good example ALL the time and try so hard to shape those little lives while still trying to figure out your own! 

    And yet… there are those perfect moments when it makes sense (for a moment).  And we slog on…  HANG IN SWEETIE!

    By Katie Kat on 2008 01 14

  6. AHH, the good old days. I too woke up one morning a few months ago with that same though. My 8 year old playing LOUDLY in her room a baby that was about to turn one, when and how did it happen? well, I know how, and when, but I just couldn’t believe that I am 29 with TWO lil ones. I know that without them I would get more sleep, but without them my family would be incomplete..
    Great BLOG btw.

    By Melissa Q on 2008 01 14

  7. I’m wanting that body back too.  I’m tired of the tummy roll. 

    They also never tell you that making time for the gym after having kids is a laugh too.

    By Queen Shake Shake on 2008 01 14

  8. Yeah, and like, what the hell did we all do before the kids?

    There are days when I wake up and feel like I am living some other woman’s life…

    By themommykelly on 2008 01 14

  9. Man, I get that way already, with just one.

    So I lock him in the closet and live it up, baby!

    By Sarcastic Mom on 2008 01 14

  10. I woke up this morning, soaked in my two year olds pee and being trampled by my husband who sleeps like a loon, lost and confused.  Then, I looked around and realized…that I was married—to a man who flopped like a fish in his sleep…with a child…who had peed on me during the night. Sometimes I wake up feeling lose, for sure. I enjoyed this post.

    By manda on 2008 01 14

  11. I watch my kids eat breakfast every morning and catch myself waiting for the real mother to show up. ‘cause I don’t feel like the real one. Just kind of the nanny sometimes. Maybe it’s the lack of sleep from the past 5 years talkin’?

    By PollyS on 2008 01 15