Little Girls and Their Daddies

May 24, 2008



“Yes, Snow White?”

“Dance with me!”



“Yes, Snow White?”

“I love you.”


One day she’ll dance with him at her wedding. The dress will be different, she will have a new Prince, but I will always remember today.


  1. Love those moments. Absolutely beautiful.

    By Paloma on 2008 05 24

  2. There’s just something about Daddy’s and their girls, hey?

    So, so sweet.

    By Angella on 2008 05 24

  3. Very sweet! I love it when my daughter does the same she says, “Daddy, I’m cinderella, and you’re the prince!” then she’ll turn to me and say, “And Momma, you’re Donkey*!”


    By The Aitch on 2008 05 24

  4. Oh stop it!  You’re making me weepy!

    By Jen@Problem Girl on 2008 05 24

  5. That is so precious! This made me think of Steven Curtis Chapman’s ‘Cinderella’

    I always tear up when I hear it.

    By rachel on 2008 05 24

  6. AWWWWWWWW.  *sniffle*

    By Jenny L on 2008 05 24

  7. DUDE…thanks for making me cry!!!!

    By sister flinger on 2008 05 24

  8. Oh, holy crap, stop making me cry!

    By Sarcastic Mom, aka Lotus on 2008 05 24

  9. I just got a tear in my eye.

    By Bonnie on 2008 05 26

  10. Priceless with a capital P.

    But what if she did wear a Snow White dress at her wedding?  That might be kinda cool…

    By stephanie on 2008 05 29