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Dec 02, 2007

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Wowzers, 24 hours goes pretty damn fast. The reality of night feedings is weighing back on me shortly, so my half-written OMG-I-hang-with-the-best-effing-people-in-Seattle will have to wait.

But look! Michelle posted pictures!

And so did I!


I just have no idea what the hell this is. I’m pretty sure it’s Laura dancing. See? Don’t you see her? And her little black dress?

You so so SO wish you did. Trust me.

And also, since you’re here, I’ve been dying to ask y’all.

Eggnog? Or no? Because you’re definitely one or the other. You’re never both.



  1. No eggnog.  I’m weird.  Good to know Seattle’s still there - we have all your rain.  :(

    By lanna on 2007 12 02

  2. NO eggnog. Gross! I don’t even permit it in the house.

    By Laurie on 2007 12 03

  3. eggnog is such a strange drink…strange in a bad way! yuck!

    By dara on 2007 12 03

  4. I’ve actually always avoided eggnog - which means I can’t give an informed answer….

    By Dawn S. on 2007 12 03

  5. Still bummed about missing out on Saturday night.

    Egg nog?  OF COURSE.  Although I buy the light kind and then mix it half and half with skim milk.  (Maybe that’s odd.)

    By Isabel on 2007 12 03

  6. noooo on the eggnog.  i just don’t get it.  my holiday beverage of choice…hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps

    By Marjorie on 2007 12 03

  7. Oh, I ADORE eggnog.  I actually PREFER light eggnog, which might be against some kind of rule.  My favorite is soynog though.  yep, certified freak!

    By Heather on 2007 12 03

  8. Mmmm!  I love eggnog!  I’ve had a cup every day since the week of Thanksgiving.  Thankfully I am buying the light stuff, which oddly doesn’t make my tummy hurt like the regular stuff sometimes does. 

    My hubby, though, HATES eggnog, including the smell.

    You didn’t answer your own question, though…

    By Andrea on 2007 12 03

  9. I love egg nog. But it’s kind of like alcohol. You need to enjoy it in moderation or you feel a little woosy the next day.

    By Christine on 2007 12 03

  10. Oh absolutely eggnog. Eggnog lattes, even better!

    By Carrie on 2007 12 03

  11. Eggnog…NO.  Hot Chocolate w/Peppermint Schnapps? Yes.  Coffee w/Bailey’s?  YES.  But Eggnog…definitely not.

    By AMomTwoBoys on 2007 12 03

  12. I don’t know if you participate in these kind of games but… TAG, your it.

    By themommykelly on 2007 12 03

  13. Man, I’m so pissed I missed it. Sounds like ya’ll were drunk enough you wouldn’t have noticed me puking anyway! wink

    By Kate on 2007 12 03

  14. I’m with Carrie.  Eggnog lattes are yummy! I so haunt the Starbucks waiting for the change of seasons. I love eggnog, I buy the reduced fat.  I even posted a twitter pondering the fact that I was drinking eggnog out of a halloween glass a week before thanksgiving smile.

    By tana on 2007 12 03

  15. Sweet Mother of Flinging!
    I do NOT like the ‘nog.

    I had a fantastic time with you and the other women on Saturday. Sorry for making you cry. It’s not a party if everyone hasn’t burst into tears smile

    By Jihan on 2007 12 04

  16. I like ONE sip a year.  That is all.  Anymore would make me yack.

    By Jennifer on 2007 12 04

  17. LOVE.  EGGNOG. 

    I’m not sure if I’ll drink any this year, since I’m still staying away from sugar…but you never know!

    By LeannIAm on 2007 12 04

  18. Eggnog lattes with nutmeg on top: Yes.

    Sorry I missed Saturday, too! We had a little bronchial pneumonia/asthma/mother-in-law situation here.

    It all turned out fine.


    By Wacky Mommy on 2007 12 04

  19. Egg Nog? Hellz yeah!

    I’m not one to reject anything to put in my facehole, though, FYI.

    Hence the LARGE ASS.

    By Sarcastic Mom, aka Lotus on 2007 12 04

  20. Despise regular eggnog. Can’t get enough of the soy eggnog (we call it “snog”), but, I can’t find it anywhere!!

    By Busy Mom on 2007 12 04