Looks like I’m in for a very lare arse kicking. And I’m enjoying it.

Jan 06, 2009

#Side Notes

Hiya, so, it appears I’ve been placed with some freaking AMAZING PEOPLE in the 2008 Weblog Award Finalist this year. Which, really, is so very very much an honor.

I also very very much have zero chance to do anything but come in last, but that’s ok. Last isn’t last, right? It’s tenth! Tenth out of all those nominations! And behind wonderful friends like Amy and a magazine I write for Blissfully Domestic so I’m not hurt that I’m last in a race of perfection.

But I will say thank you for those who are new stopping in and checking this ol’ space out. I can introduce myself best as the Mom who clearly wins an award placing her kids precariously on tables and being dumb enough to take away TV as a punishment. You can also get to know my family by reading about my dad, my mom, my husband, my social awkwardness, my daughter and my son.

I recently changed my writing style, more in a tribute to my my grandma who taught me how strong a lady can be when it counts. I’m just searching for how to be that lady, daily.

So thank you, thank you, thank you. For the chance to share who I am here in this small space. For recognizing, in some tiny way, that you enjoy reading and for sticking around all these many years. Tenth isn’t so bad when I think of all the people I adore in this community. I’m proud to be a rockstar tonight, even if my fifteen minutes is just that: I’ll bask in the quarter hour.

Much love,

The Rockstah.



*My understanding is that you can vote once every 24 hours. So go find someone you love, click a button, and then find some new reads. This community is amazing and I’d be curled up in my PPD from five years ago to this day without it. So go! Support someone you love! And find more loves to read. XO

*ohyea, this is going to be a sticky post until Jan 12th just in case anyone new stops in. HI! Pick up a chair! I poor strong martinis. Made with love. Look below for new posts.

I’m TRYING to be nice here. As in I AM STILL IN LAST PLACE PEOPLE HOLY HELL. SIgh. In the mean time, have you voted for Jenny and Tanis yet? My friends are also losing. WTF people? Amy deserves more love than that. Meh, if I have to lose, at least I have good company.


  1. I love your blog. I found you sometime after the big Blogher thing in ‘08…And then I actually thought you stopped blogging so I stopped checking the site. Thank goodness you are back. I absolutely love the new blog. not that the other one was crap b/c it wasn’t. You’ve inspired me to think about the way I use my blog, less moaning and more memories…or maybe I’ll start another one! Thanks Mrs. Flinger!

    By April on 2009 01 07

  2. You are a Rockstar!

    That image is hysterical.

    By MariaV on 2009 01 07

  3. Oh, so sessy with the chest hair, especially! :big surprise: (umm… the smilies are not working for me in Firefox…)

    Yay mama!  Congrats!  wink

    By Christine on 2009 01 07

  4. Even with chesties I think you’re hot.

    By sam {temptingmama} on 2009 01 07

  5. proud of you, girl.

    By Aimee Greeblemonkey on 2009 01 07