Makes me go hmmmm

Mar 19, 2007

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Picture going to see the Pope. You love The Pope. You love his little bubble car, his hat, his influence over an entire sect of religion. You listen to The Pope because he is, well, The Pope. Or maybe it’s the Dali Lama. You read his books, you listen to him speak. He’s one of the most influential people on earth.

Then the Dali Lama tells you he thinks you’re cool. You. Are. Cool. He probably uses some sort of deep and meaningful word and not “cool” but in your own head you think, “he said I was COOL!”

It’s kind of like that if it was possible to actually make plans to see the Dali Lama the next trip home to Texas because he happens to live twenty minutes from your parents and enjoys a good margarita just like you do. it’s kind of like that.

Jenny from Mamadrama said some nice things about my website after someone awarded her the “Thinking bloggers Award.” She passed the button on to me and now it’s my turn to pass it on to someone else.



It’s not hard to find five blogs that make me think. Instead, it’s hard to find ONLY five blogs that make me think. So here are five you should be reading if you’re not.

The Bean Blog.  Christine writes with a witty style but always brings it back to the Big Picture. She’s hilarious and honest and somehow manages to turn the normal every day stuff in to a story I’d like to read the next chapter to.

Mothergoosemouse. She’s got a way of bringing in today’s hot topics and making excellent points while being funny and non-offensive. She could probably blog about abortion and the great breast debate and have it be well intended, well written, and well read. Oh, wait, she did.

Wannabe Hippie. Elaine is a powerful writer that touches on every kind of topic from the tragic death of a friend’s child to short hilarious clips of her daily life. She has a way about her that makes you feel like part of her life. I’ve literally both cried and laughed out loud on her website. And I love her for it.

A girl and a boy. Who isn’t reading Leah? If you’re not, you’re the single person out there who doesn’t realize all the other eighth graders are pegging their pants and curling their bangs and the year is 1989. Who didn’t know you had to have GUESS jeans? She’s one of the fastest growing most popular blogs out there and for good reason.  Her writing is superb, her desires are well expresses. She can work through almost any issue by writing and it’s an honor to read her thought process. I wish I thought in such an orderly, witty, sincere way.

If I can ever get out of my Pajamas. ^starshine writes about life with three children. This alone makes me think daily, “THREE KIDS, OH MY GOD..” but then she’ll write about the circle of life and I come away pondering my own children and parents and future. And that’s just one example. Her entire blog is full of wonderful posts like this. You really should stop in. And read the archives.

Go, spread the love, read good blogs, and someone hand me a tissue. We’re on round 10 of “THE COLDS THAT WILL NOT STOP FARKING WITH THE FLINGERS” and I’ll be up to my elbows in snot. Again.


  1. I read The Bean Blog on a daily basis and LOVE Christine’s style and stories. If ever I start to feel overwhelmed with my three kids, I just conjure up a picture of Christine and her five!

    By Melissa R. Garrett on 2007 03 19

  2. Awe!! I feel so loved!! But of course, I’m still feeling the love when you first “pimped” me so many months ago! LOL!!  smile

    I don’t have a tissue, but I do have the Mommy t-shirt that has been stretched too much along the hem line from wiping snotty little kid noses. Now hold still!

    By ^starshine on 2007 03 19

  3. Good lord, woman. Could you be any nicer?  (And now I’m off to go dream up something “thoughtful” to write about.) xo

    By Leah on 2007 03 19

  4. I made the list?  Crazy, yo.  Is this where I (a la Sally Field) yell out, “You like me!  You really like me!”  NO?  OK, I’ll save myself the embarrassment and just say thank you.  OH!  And I like you, too.

    By Elaine on 2007 03 19

  5. Good choice!  Of course, ^starshine is a personal friend of mine and I’ve always thought she was fabu!

    By snarflemarfle on 2007 03 19

  6. Those blogs are all great!

    By Carmenc on 2007 03 19

  7. I read Leah daily (or hourly) but I’ll be sure to check out the others smile

    By Angella on 2007 03 19

  8. Hee!  I’m the Popi Lama?  I’ve always considered myself more of a Mary Magdalen but I’ll take it. 

    Where’s my bubble car?

    By Jenny on 2007 03 20

  9. Aww shucks. You’re kind words have rendered me speechless…which is so unlike me. wink Thanks for the award!

    By Christine on 2007 03 20