Mama don’t let your son grow up stereo-typical

Aug 18, 2007

#Parenting Siblings#Baby O

To my Son,

You know that thing you found yesterday? The Thing you found that you and your Daddy posses and your sister and I don’t? That Thing is going to come in very handy while you’re camping. But that Thing is going to piss your wife off to no tomorrow when you take the opportunity to sleep in every Saturday while she takes the kids, again, and you somehow find the time to take a thirty minute shit while she has to do it with the baby strapped to her.

It’s a bitter sweet thing you just found there, Son. Good luck with that.

Your Mama


  1. It’s all down hill from here! wink

    By Friglet on 2007 08 18

  2. That is the best post title ever. Ever.

    By mel from freak parade on 2007 08 18

  3. And so it begins…

    By Marjorie on 2007 08 18

  4. LOL! Best. Post. EVER. You make me laugh, woman. smile

    By laura Camacho on 2007 08 18

  5. *HA HA*  did he remember to let it go before trying to put his fist in his mouth!!!  ONe of my boys did that and screamed cos he hurt ‘it’....

    By Chris H on 2007 08 18

  6. AMEN

    By sleepingmommy on 2007 08 18

  7. Amen.  Mine just realized he can whip it out through that handy little pouch on those tiny little briefs and play with it.  Oy.
    I had to warn my sister’s new boyfriend about it not 5 minutes after I met the poor guy.

    By lanna on 2007 08 18

  8. So this is what I miss out on when I am a Mother to 3 girls and 0 boys!! LOL!

    By ^starshine on 2007 08 18

  9. Making me glad there are only TWO penises here…the hubby’s and our dog’s.  wink

    By Jamie on 2007 08 18

  10. This is by far the funniest post I’ve read in a very long time. I hope I can copy it, paste it to my notes on my computer and have it ready in a few years when my Kid finds out about this Thing…. grin
    Because no matter what I say, it will not be as good as what you wrote.
    Compliments from a Dad.

    By Dom on 2007 08 19

  11. I think I love you.

    I know of this thirty minute shit, while they’re ALONE.  And the sleeping in?  GAH!

    By Jennifer on 2007 08 19

  12. I know about this all too well.  Have men never heard of fiber?  And don’t EVEN get me started on the sleeping in…

    By andi on 2007 08 19

  13. I swear sometimes I think you live in the same house that I live in, because that describes my family perfectly.

    And please, tell me how a man can “not hear!” the baby cry for 30, 40, 50 minutes in the morning; yet flip out after 10 seconds of the baby crying mid day.

    By Veronica on 2007 08 19

  14. I have a hard time lasting 30 minutes..anything over 25 and my legs start to fall asleep…of course then I have to sit on the bathroom floor for 5 minutes while I regain feeling to my feet. Talk about bitter-sweet.

    By jonb on 2007 08 20

  15. I feel terrible about it, but this made me laugh because it is so very true. grin

    By mdvelazquez on 2007 08 20

  16. There’s no stopping him now, eh?  wink

    By Damselfly on 2007 08 20

  17. ROFL!  My son discovered his a while ago, and he’ll stop playing to bend over and inspect it. It has already taken over his brain, it seems…

    By Mrs. Mustard on 2007 08 20

  18. huh boy. watch out world.

    By aimee / greeblemonkey on 2007 08 21

  19. Bwahahahahahaha!

    By sarahgrace on 2007 08 24