My Mind Enema

Jan 10, 2011


“Um, do you have sage?” I ask at Whole Foods. It seems logical that if one would need something to cleanse spirits, Whole Foods would have it.

You know: Hippies and all that.

“You mean for burning?” I clearly don’t know what I’m talking about. I think you burn it. I’m not sure what I’m looking for but I’ve been told by at least four people to try a sage cleanse for our house so this year will be infinitely better than the last. Sage cleansing. I couldn’t even bother to look it up before I go marching in to Whole Foods to buy it.


“Here you go,” says the thin, purposefully unkempt girl working at the Yuppy-Hippie-Overpriced-Grocery-Store. She leaves and I’m faced with a decision; two small sage sticks or one large stick?  “We need all the cleansing possible,” I mutter and grab the biggest sage stick I can find.

It sounds cheesy, and it is, I’m sure. Sage cleansing our house? As if I believed in spirits and karma and life forces and such. Bah.

Except, ..... what if?


Mr. Flinger and I decided to try our very own Mind Enema this year. After two coincidental clicks pointed us to The Secret, the documentary, we watched with small cynicism and large wonder.  “Well isn’t THAT ridiculous,” Mr. Flinger says at the close. “But, what the hell, right?”

Right. This is how we embrace our future. “What the hell!”

What the hell indeed.

So going forward, decided to think only positive thoughts.  “Think about what you WANT not what you DO NOT want.” This is my mantra.

“I will.. I am.. I shall… I have…” Not “I don’t.. I won’t… I refuse… I hope… I fear…”

It’s such a subtle adjustment, such a tiny switch. The answers come quickly and quietly.

“I miss Yoga. I will find a new Yoga studio,” I said during Kick Boxing a month ago. Two days ago a new friend informs me of the new Power Yoga studio down the street. It’s amazing. It’s perfect. My new friend and I hit it off on yet another level and I proudly add her to the list of people I’m thankful for.

The list is growing with my appreciation and joy.

“The Condo will close.” I say it with confidence. I do not jinx it. I am not afraid to say it with pride. The Condo Will Close. The home we have been selling for nearly a year is ready to go to new hands. The home we brought our baby boy home to is ready for a new family. The home we first knew here so far from our friends, became a place of familiarity, friendly playdates, many holidays. It now goes to a new set of memories and we let it go. Friday: The Condo Will Close.

We celebrate.

The list goes on and on. We say things with confidence and power and love. We declare our lives as worthy and joyful. We tell our family they are loved and strong and beautiful. We work together, actively making goals reality.

“You’re working so much.” “You’re always working.” “It sucks you have to work so much.” I’ve heard this from no less than 18 people in the past month. I’m working, working a lot. I’m fulfilling my full time job and a part time freelancer job on top of being a mother and a woman who strives to work out and find harmony. Harmony in the midst of chaos and deadlines and bills. Harmony and Joy.

I *am* working too much but I am thankful for it. Working too much right now is the appropriate solution. It’s not forever, I tell my children. Mommy has to work a lot right now because we need it. Right now I am thankful to have venues to bring in money, to get our family in a new situation, to grow beyond the last year of turmoil. However much the world tries to get us down, I am thankful for the opportunity to prosper.

We are prospering. In spite of all the financial heart-ache, emotional frustrations, negative energy surrounding us: We. Are. Prospering.

I went for a run today. I looked up as the clouds parted for an entire twenty minutes. The sun spoke down to my skin with kisses and warmth. Joy. Happiness. Heaven.

How are we doing, you ask? We are fine. We are. Perfectly. Fine.


  1. I may as well add to my reputation as a flake. I lived in Maine for a long time. Hippie land. I changed majors from International Affairs, to Math, to Foreign Language, to finally Art. I know about Sage. We even used the stuff in ritual study at school.

    I suggest the kind that has lavendar in it. It smells a lot better. Get the smaller ones, instead of the bigger one. You can cover more ground at one time. All in all, in my experience‚Ķ¬†meh. I like balsam fir candles a whole lot better. But some folks swear by ‘em.

    Good luck with you & all your bad juju.  May you be blessed with your favorite flavor jujubes.

    By jen on 2011 01 16

  2. The people we bought our house from were going through a divorce. You’d better believe I burned some sage up in here to get rid of the Bad Marriage Juju as soon as we moved in. I don’t know if I believe it helped or not, but I figured it can’t hurt, right?

    By cindy w on 2011 01 17

  3. Cindy, yea, totally! They went through a divorce here, too. Ashley told me to burn some sage ASAP to get bad marriage juju out of the house. Since then, I found out a new friend (the Yoga one above) is dating the guy who used to LIVE here (that got divorced). Crazy, right? I think the juju is broke since he’s happy now? But at any rate, I’m still burning that shit. wink

    Also, Jen, TOTALLY appreciate the sage advice. (Sage Advice, that’s a thing, hu?) No, really, excellent. I’ll get a small one with lavender. grin

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2011 01 17

  4. I have been reading for awhile, and have never commented.  Now, I feel I must!  I too have had a tremendously shitty start to this new year.  Some things similar to what you’re going through, and some things different, but shitty is shitty, is it not?  So, just need to know where I can get my hands on a copy of that Secret documentary.  I seriously need all the help I can get.  Thanks!

    By Kelly on 2011 01 17

  5. Kelly, yes, shit is shit. grin

    Here’s the link. But, when you click the “watch now” it opened up an ad (or two) and you have to close those windows and when you end up back on the same page as the movie, you’ll click play AGAIN and it will start.

    Also, you have to watch it in two chunks because you can only watch 72 minutes of free movie with MegVideo but if you wait 30 minutes, you can finish it. I know, right? All of this just to watch something Free. I think you can get it at a video store or something but if you’re ok with those two things, it’s not so bad at all:


    Good luck! This year WILL be better. grin

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2011 01 17

  6. I’m so glad to hear that things are good! I was so happy to see 2010 end, it was such a frustrating year. I keep refocusing on the positive things and I have to say that so far, 2011 is making me smile smile

    By Sandi on 2011 01 17

  7. Isn’t there a book, too?  Hm.  I love me some positive visualization, but to be honest it never occurred to me to clear out the bad juju first (and I’m the sort of person that would occur to).  I should go get some sage.

    By Keely on 2011 01 20