Mommy Time Out

May 05, 2010


I’m sitting in mommy time out. The children are on their beds reading. Supposedly. Since my last post wherein I promise to be funny at least two more times, a lot has changed. The last few months have cumulated to this one night wherein I totally lose my shit on the children during bath time.

And now I sit in time out.

I can point to a variety of excuses, reasons, I’m feeling so… Off. So.. Depressed. So… Tired. I acknowledge my depression, my monster-in-the-closet that is mostly kept at bay 99% of the year. I recognize this huge success that only 1% of the time I find myself wanting to stay in bed, drink too much wine, sit and ignore the world. I’m living that 1% right now and I hate it.

I can blame the tumultuous housing market, our condo that is for sale at nearly half what we paid for it. We knew it was possible, but never realized how terrible the market truly tanked.


I could blame being cut back at work for economical reasons which ultimately makes me want to blame Obama and maybe Bush and also Hurricane Katrina.

I could blame Mother Nature for being a foul mouth bitch and bringing May Winter instead of Flowers that really pisses me right off.


I could blame my weight because HEY! Why not!?

I could blame the kids because they caused my tummy which subsequently made me less attractive and thus start working out more and create these bags under my eyes because I am entirely too tired and OHMYGOD I haven’t slept since 2003. Or something.

:: deep breath ::

Ultimately, I had a bad day. The kids pushed the wrong buttons and I am tired and cranky. I can see, already, the way things are looking up. The offer on the condo, the awesome opportunities of work coming, the house I’m thankful to lose my shit in and the bedrooms I can send my children to time out in.

But right now, I want to sit in Mommy Time Out. It’s the only quite spot left. And it offers wine.


  1. Wish I could share a glass with you.  Hang in there.

    By Liz on 2010 05 05

  2. We all need that from time to time and hey - I heard at least ONE local weatherperson say we were going to have a sunny weekend, so…there’s that.

    It’ll be ok.

    I promise.

    By Carrie on 2010 05 05

  3. I’m sorry you’re having a rough time of it.  I’ve certainly lost my shit on the kids before… mommy time-outs are so totally necessary.  enjoy the wine and the view at the horizon grin

    By MommyNamedApril on 2010 05 05

  4. I’m not trying to sell a condo in this economy. But in spirit, I am Right There With You. Time out, indeed. WHERE IS MY BEER?

    By Annika on 2010 05 05

  5. You know I am here for you.  I can’t make “all that” go away, but I can be here to talk about it, or NOT talk about it.  Love you- it’ll get better, this too shall pass, and all that shit.  wink

    By Michelle Mallory on 2010 05 05

  6. So sorry you are, as my kid says (in a whispered voice) “having one of THOSE days.” Pretty sad for our kids huh? Hang in there, it can only get better right?

    By shari on 2010 05 05

  7. Can I please go to time out too? I could really use one. I always tell my kids that they’re being sent to their rooms to help them calm down. Sounds heavenly right about now… had to apologize more than once today for yelling at them when I shouldn’t have. :(

    By Fire Wife Katie on 2010 05 05

  8. I wish I could go to a mommy time out.  My kids won’t even let me pee with the door shut let alone be in time out.

    1 minute per year right? 

    Hope tomorrow’s better.  You should come see me and the beach.  Time outs are always fun at the beach.

    By Sue on 2010 05 06

  9. Oh, I’m SO GLAD that when I clicked the ‘Mommy Time Out’ link, that I didn’t get a post about a great time that you had out with your girlfriends. I couldn’t have taken it.

    I’ve been in time out twice in as many weeks. It’s been ugly-stressful here, too. And, well, you know.

    Hang in there.

    By The New Girl on 2010 05 06

  10. Mommy Time Out includes wine? Well then, that’s seems a lovely place to go.

    By Megan (Best of Fates) on 2010 05 06

  11. Awww crap, we’ve all had those days (who am I kidding, weeks, months, years), my husband still doesn’t get the idea that for Mothers day I don’t want breakfast in bed, flowers, candy, presents - I want a four freaking hours - TO DO WHAT I WANT TO. To top it off, I’ve done this crazy no bread diet that makes me want to gnaw on my arm. 

    Anyway dear, we all have been there and I’m sorry about your condo, we just sold a car and THAT was stressful, can’t imagine trying to unload a whole house. 

    There has been more then one or two or five thousand occasions where I sent my daughter to time out - for me.  Now where is my wine? Cheer up.

    By gatorchrissy on 2010 05 06

  12. Sorry you’re having a bad day…the good thing is that you get to start over tomorrow.  At least that’s what I tell myself.  The glass or two of wine always helps, too.  Hang in there!

    By wendy on 2010 05 06

  13. Oh dear, I hear you!! I will not be winning mommy of the year. I hate how screamy I get, especially because I know that my kids are just being three. I was told that three was hard but dude, this is so much harder that I thought it was going to be. Once my cold is gone I’ll raise a glass with you!

    By Sandi on 2010 05 06

  14. If Mommy Time Out always came with wine—or tequila, I’m flexible—I’d place myself in it every night.

    Hang in.

    By patois on 2010 05 06

  15. Hang in there, I hope it gets better….soon!

    By Nancy on 2010 05 06

  16. if mommy time-out includes wine, I am all for it!

    By pixielation on 2010 05 06

  17. wow…I came here because Pioneer Woman said you were awesome.  After this post, I see that you are a friggin’ genius!!

    By wendy on 2010 05 06

  18. If you want to blame a president, blame Clinton. That’s when the mortgages became so easy to get. That’s where the crisis started. Now we all just have to live with it.

    So, he screwed interns AND the American home-buyer. Super.

    By Texan Mama on 2010 05 07

  19. So sorry to hear!  Feel your pain about the housing market.  We rented our house in Virginia, rather than lose $100,000 by selling it.

    By TexasRed on 2010 05 07

  20. Mommy Time Out?? FUcking BRILLERZ>....

    By VDog on 2010 05 10