Mother’s Day 2010: Epic Awesomesauce

May 10, 2010

Mother’s Day started early. Saturday night my friend Ashley picked me up in her awesome mobile to head to our favorite local restaurant.

Ashley's Car

We met Trix there and she totally smelled my hair.

Purple- The Night Before

It was great girl-time in which we talked about wine and sex and being a mom. Not in that order. Or maybe in that order. I forget because the wine was first.

The next morning I woke up to flowers, cards, and the Sunday Paper. I love the Sunday Paper. I love that I look studious while perusing the Target Ad.

When I woke up

We went for a hike near our home. The kids ran ahead because they aren’t old enough to realize you still have to actually walk BACK to the car.

Hiking Together

Silly kids. They never learn.

hiking post

This is shortly before the Two Year Old lost his mind because his feet stopped working.

Hiking with Cascades in the background

These are the cows we communed with. I’m pretty sure I insulted one of them. Mooo.Moooo.Moooo. (That’s cow for “Are you expecting?” She is not.)


Here is the picture of my family at the top of the hill. This is shortly before the Five Year Old lost her mind because her feet stopped working.

The Fam

Then I took a picture of my arm.

Us: The Parents and My Arm

Here we are at the top. This is where my daughter shelves my boob for me.

My Boob Needs A break

We got home and decided to built a fire-pit.

Digging the Pit

It was possibly the best decision of the weekend. Nothing beats fresh camp-fire hotdogs. Nothing, that is, except camping in your own backyard.


I hope yours was just as fabulous.


  1. I like the way Mr. Flinger works that shovel! RAUR BABY!

    By vdog on 2010 05 10

  2. I wanna hike there.  Take me- pretty please.  wink

    By Michelle Mallory on 2010 05 10

  3. Ohhh yes, my Mother’s Day was fabulous… But now I feel cheated because we did NOT build our fire pit. Because NOTHING is more awesome that a home made fire pit

    By briya on 2010 05 10

  4. Hahaha.

    “Then I took a picture of my arm.”

    Most hilarious self-picture dig EVER.

    Also: I think I should get brownie points for noticing that the sprite for your biz icon up top needs to be a touch more separated out, lady. :]

    By Matt on 2010 05 10

  5. Looks like ya’ll had a blast.

    Happy Mother’s Day!

    By AmazingGreis on 2010 05 10

  6. Sounds like an awesome day - flowers, a hike and a fire pit! I’m totally jealous of your fire pit. I’ve never made one, and am somewhat frightened that if I did I would accidentally burn down the state and cause a national disaster. Well done not doing any of that!

    By Megan (Best of Fates) on 2010 05 11

  7. looks like a fantabulous day!! Happy Belated Mother’s Day my friend.

    By Heather @ Domestic Extraordinaire on 2010 05 11

  8. I did have a fabulous Mother’s Day… Thank-you!

    By Jamie, Mom of 3 on 2010 05 11

  9. Sounds like a wonderful day! And the weather could not have been better, what a treat that was.

    btw - how do you like the 5 finger shoes? My hubby tried on several pairs but for the money they didn’t fit quite right.

    By monstergirlee on 2010 05 11

  10. I DO! And I love ‘em. I think some people’s toes are a little different. Mine fit great. Ashley had to get a size bigger because her toes just didn’t love the usual size she wears. I hear they’re coming out with some for people who have different toe-needs. smile

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2010 05 11

  11. Love the Vibram’s!  I have the same ones.  Have been running and paddling in them, but never hiking.  Hope to do at least one leg of the Hood to Coast in them - wish me luck. smile

    By MP on 2010 05 13

  12. Sounds like the perfect Mother’s Day. I, on the other hand, spent five freaking hours in the car with MY mother. BOO.

    By Colleen - Mommy Always Wins on 2010 05 13