Moving On, literally

Mar 18, 2006

Today we begin packing. We have exactly one week to get all of our five years of marriage, thirty years of pack rats, and one baby plus two dogs in to our new house.

Minus the dogs.

Today LB was looking out the screen door at our three year old mutts. “Night night, doggie.” Sure enough, they were sleeping in the sun. I almost teared up thinking about sending them away. LB’s first word aside from mama and dadda was dog. She loves them. She loves to watch them and she says “bye bye” when we take them to the garage before we leave.

But you know the best part? Oma is taking one. So he’s gone but not lost forever.

Still, though, don’t you find that you notice the best parts about something just before it’s gone?

I do.


  1. Ditto on the awwwww. I’m glad Oma is taking one of the doggies. Wow…you are really moving in one week! Oh and Caitlin’s first word was dog, too. smile

    By Jamie on 2006 03 18

  2. That’s so sad that you have to give away the dogs! I’m glad Oma is taking one. Did you find the other one a good home too? I’m so sorry Leslie. :(

    By Paige (CoraBelle) on 2006 03 18

  3. aww. sometimes you don’t notice the best part until they are gone completely, so you rock for finding any now. Seriously. Good luck with the packing, Hon!

    By texasbelle on 2006 03 18

  4. wow a new house!  Good luck with the move and such.

    By kbkb on 2006 03 18

  5. We gave up a not-so-kid-friendly dog before my daughter was born.  It was the hardest emotional thing from my pregnancy, but we knew an exciting new chapter of our lives was beginning…as it is for your family!

    Good luck with the packing - ugh. I’m one of those nerds who actually LIKES unpacking - I should drive over to help! Sounds like you may need some trips to Target’s bin/organization aisle!!!

    By Amy_M on 2006 03 18

  6. Oh that is so sad about the dogs! I almost had tears. It made me remember my dog Lu who we had to get rid of last Sept. Will Oma be giving the dog back when you guys get settled in a house of your own?

    By Rachael on 2006 03 19

  7. Why are you getting rid of the dogs? That’s so sad!

    By candice on 2006 03 20

  8. One week to pack?  Holy crap, that’s pressure.

    By monkeygirl on 2006 03 22

  9. It sucks that you can’t bring the dogs with you! It’s great that Oma’s taking one though! I hope other one goes to a good home as well!

    By denise on 2006 03 23

  10. I’m so sorry you had to get rid of the pups.  I’m sure you’ve got a ton of pics, but if you want some from when they were little little guys, let me know.  I have some real cute ones.  Bye Mac & Buddy!

    By Cole on 2006 03 29