Mrs. Flinger: Raw

Mar 14, 2008

#Life#Getting to know me

You know those trend starter types? The ones who can make waking up in the morning and posting a picture of themselves, Sans makeup, cool? The ones who can say, “Ppppssttt, you should do it TOOOOooo” and you go “OK!”

You know them?

So here I am, all muchtoogodforsaken early without caffeine, makeup, or a shower. Or Sleep. Because last night was a marathon of Rock-Snuggle-Rock-Lay-CRYCRYCRY-Rock-Snuggle-Lay repeat.


Hot, aren’t I?

But! I hear you, BUT! Mrs. Flinger, don’t you have a decent camera? What’s with all the horrible lighting?

Yes, Dear, but I do not know how to USE my camera. And also? Please reference the muchtoogodforsaken early portion of the post. And yes, let’s all focus on the lighting. Because it’s easier to explain away than the Ferra Fawcett Hair Style.


Go enjoy these other amazing women who bare all. Well, from the neck up, that is.

Her Bad Mother
Breed Em And Weep
Oh The Joys
Red Neck Mommy
Mother Bumper

Wanna play along? YES! YES YOU DO! Why, I’m so glad you asked! Just copy the participant list in your post so we can revel in our raw-ness together, mMMMK? And dahling, you look lovely. Really.

Other Brave Women! Get listed, lemme know you played along!
Mama Loves
Shaz (who took down her picture, silly girl)
The Cheese Blog
Mamified Me
Heather B
Mackenzies Momma
Nutty Mummy

Did I forget anyone???

Update 3/20 I thought I’d try again since the light was horrible. Here ya go. Again. Me. Looking slightly more awake because WHEE! I get to go to STARBUCKS today. Caps! Exclamation points! Galore!

More truthiness AM Photo

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  1. You look fabulous.

    Way better than the demon I posted this morning over at my blog.

    By Redneck Mommy on 2008 03 14

  2. Looking skeptically at that camera, aren’t you.

    You’re a totally babe.

    By MammaLoves on 2008 03 14

  3. The look on your face grin You look like you’re ready to jump if the camera moves towards you in the slightest freaky way grin
    I think you look faaaaaaabulous dahling!
    I saw this on ‘redneck’s page earlier and thought what a great idea! Maybe I’ll jump on this bandwagon later grin
    You’re HAWT!

    By rachel on 2008 03 14

  4. I did this, this morning: http://flickr.com/photos/rhirhi/2332409879/

    And, then a similar thing a while ago:  http://rhiinpink.com/blog/?p=173

    By rhiinpink on 2008 03 14

  5. Yep, raw looks good on you.

    By Liz on 2008 03 14

  6. I’m thinking about it…

    By Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah on 2008 03 14

  7. I think you are adorable smile

    By Angella on 2008 03 14

  8. No sleep, caffeine or shower looks good on you!  No make-up needed!

    By Holly on 2008 03 14

  9. You have a chin dimple!  Lucky!

    By heather on 2008 03 14

  10. you look GREAT!!!! seriously!

    By shaz on 2008 03 14

  11. I’ll play tomorrow..unless I chicken out. Also, you look fabulous!

    By amanda on 2008 03 14

  12. I have a present for you. grin

    By rachel on 2008 03 14

  13. The sad thing is the way I look does not improve throughout the day. What you see at 7:01 am is what you get all day.

    By mjp3md on 2008 03 14

  14. I’ll do this tommorow since I need to be up before the sun to drive into Everett to be at the Children’s Museum for Hop into Spring.

    By Mackenzie's Momma on 2008 03 14

  15. You look beautiful.  All of you do!  I couldn’t bare to post my morning face, although maybe I’ll wake up and have a change of heart, you never know . . .

    By Carrie on 2008 03 14

  16. I had the trouble with the camera, too. Morning fumblies.

    You’re gorge, truly.

    By Her Bad Mother on 2008 03 15

  17. I just have to say:

    (and hope that link worked)

    By TheMacMommy on 2008 03 15

  18. i played!

    By gwendomama on 2008 03 15

  19. I look worse than that every day.  I’m building up to playing.  Maybe tomorrow!

    By Suburban Mum on 2008 03 16

  20. Would you kill me if I said you look like Janine Garafolo?  How about if I add that I think she’s really cute!?!

    If I had any balls whatsoever, I’d join in… alas, I am ball-less.  (Plus, I don’t wanna scare peeps!)

    I am sitting here in my PJ’s looking uber-first-thing-in-the-morning scary though… so, MAYBE…  smile

    By Katie Kat on 2008 03 16