My eyes, they may be bigger than my stomach, and that is hard to do

Aug 15, 2007

#Social Clutz Loveable Spaz

Internet? Internet? You there still? Ok, so look, I .. um.. have ideas. All these IDEAS just sort of swirling around my brain all, “BLAHBLAHBLAH ooh! I could do THIS! And THIS and, well, we need THIS, too!” and I have plans, big plans, plans for remodeling websites and member areas and podcasts, and new sites, and and and and and…

And then my brain explodes.

Then the baby needs things and the toddler melts down and the sun comes out and melts my ass to the park bench.

That’s the short short version.

I believe there are all kinds of people in life. Those who have the power of “the big picture.” There are detail people, there are the do-ers, the idea-ers, and the planners. There are those who sit and observe whilst contemplating word peace and domination and others who jump in with both feet until they are up to their eyeballs in crap.

Guess which one I am? Which one are you?

So, excuse the mess here, Internet. I’m clearing out the crap. And soon (hopefully soon… SOON) there will be fun ch-ch-changes. And if not, well, I might post a picture of the kids. Because I at least accomplished something last year.


  1. Oh goody! I can’t wait to see what you’re going to do. Heck I get excited when you change your blog design.

    Dazzle us girlfriend!

    p.s. I am very project oriented but I tend to obsess on one thing at a time…this week’s obsession? Kindergarten, kindergarten, kindergarten!

    By Jamie on 2007 08 15

  2. Ooh!  I’m all about a needed change!

    By Shauna on 2007 08 15

  3. Are you reading my mind?  I’m the exact same way.  I can barely get dinner on the table and never, ever clean the house due to the infant and toddler and yet find myself thinking I could totally self-host my blog.  And start up a new one.  And write more freelance articles. 

    One day soon I will find a way of squeezing 48 hours out of a single day…

    By andi on 2007 08 15