My Very Own Jillian Michaels

Apr 08, 2010

#Fitness#Weght Loss and Body Image

Funny thing about Teh Interwebz: You just might find out someone lives 1.1 miles from your new home. And that someone just might be like SO SUPAH AWESOME that you trade emails and find out you’re eight thousand shades of the same. Maybe you even share the same tummy issues and love of wine and eating clean and working out.

So maybe you start hanging out.

Funny thing about hanging out with someone sorta like you: It freaks people out. You mean there are TWO OF YOU?! Yes! YES THERE IS. And that somone maybe happens to attend the same boot-camp class you do at the YMCA and probably has seen you there before but now you know to look for each other. And maybe you sort of wish you didn’t, but not until after the fact.

Last week I went to bootcamp with my new friend Ashley. We’ve exchanged tweets, emails, IMs and a few games of Facebook Scrabble, and a beer. Then, suddenly, I find myself knee deep in sweat and cussing at my new friend. Swearing, actually. To her face.

It’s a little surreal to have your ass kicked by a former twitter stranger. And by surreal I mean painful. But comparing sore muscles the next day and realizing what a great workout it was. The girl? She kicks my ass. In a good way.


There is an accountability when someone is willing to not let you lie to yourself. When someone is willing to see that you NEED to go harder, faster, longer. When they realize you can do it, you just .... don’t. She pushed me in a way I haven’t been pushed in years. To find a new level of expletives I’ve never yelled in .. years. To be so physically exhausted I could not push another jumpy out of my ass if I tried.

And oh, how I tried.

A week later I find myself planning to return. Call me crazy, and you will, but apparently I’m a sucker for pain. I’m in a battle with the bulge and right now the bulge is winning. That bulge has no hope against my new friend Ashley. Not a chance.

I’m just hoping I live long enough to tell you about it.


  1. Dude, you have a gear that is just waiting to be rocked. It comes standard with you, but you’ve just put other stuff first. Rev it!

    By amanda on 2010 04 08

  2. I started following her after you guys ran a couple weeks ago. She’s Teh Funneh! I want an Ashley!! *pout*

    By sam_temptingmama on 2010 04 08

  3. I think I need a Jillian/Ashley.  I have some videos and books, but no real life Jillian/Ashley.

    By Liz C. on 2010 04 08

  4. Hee. Nice! wink

    By Al_Pal on 2010 04 09

  5. I think I need a Jillian/Ashley.  I have some videos and books, but no real life Jillian/Ashley.

    By Funny Pictures on 2010 04 18