Northwest Profile: Runs Barefoot In The Rain Gal

Mar 25, 2010

#Fitness#Weght Loss and Body Image

You probably don’t know the “northwest profile” commercials from Pemco, unless you live here. Or you listen to Seattle Internet Radio in an effort to step up your coolness. Or you’re a seattle northwest wannabe. (Or, rather, soon-to-be Seattle-ites.)

However, if you’re from the Northwest, these profiles sort of hit home.

Really close to home, actually.

As in: Me.

Here she is, ladies and gentlemen, Northwest Profile #39: Runs Barefoot In The Rain Gal.

You can find her on a weekday morning or early on the weekend running along the Burk Gilman or Samamish Trails. She’s got her orange REI rain-repelling super-wicking fast-drying hoodie. She’s listening to acoustic angst folk music counting her miles with her Nike+. It’s fifty and pouring. And? She’s barefoot.


Runs Barefoot (In Vibrams) In The Rain Gal, you’re one of us: A little different.


  1. LOVE those things. I’ve never actually been able to USE them but I want some!

    By Sarah on 2010 03 25

  2. You rawk! Can’t wait to be “Runs in the city with seen-once-a-year-pal.”

    By amanda on 2010 03 25

  3. You are hilarious. And I remember those ads from when I lived there.

    I have yet to take my Vibrams out in the rain. But, go you! That’s awesome.

    By cindy w on 2010 03 25

  4. There’s something very special about running in a Seattle rain storm.  I don’t know if I could do it barefoot though I have friends who swear by those!

    By Steph on 2010 03 25

  5. I’ve heard running in a Seattle rain storm is quite the experience.

    By Allie on 2010 03 26

  6. I have exactly the same Vibrams, but I reserve mine for when it’s not raining.

    By Average Jane on 2010 03 26

  7. OMG, totally.  I love this.  Pemco needs to sponsor you Leslie!

    By Carrie on 2010 03 26

  8. I don’t exactly… know… what to think of those things. Are they like, feet gloves? So odd. And, what I’m about to say, I say with respect: only people in Seattle could possibly come up with those. Seriously.

    But, Heh! ya know! Whatever works for you!

    By Texan Mama on 2010 03 26

  9. OMG, those radio commercials always crack me up!  Isn’t there even one about a Subaru, too?  Heh.

    By Lanna on 2010 03 27

  10. I love to run in my Vibrams in the rain. It makes me feel free.

    By Tricia Honea on 2010 03 27

  11. Gah! You’re soooo cute. I love you!!

    By sam_temptingmama on 2010 03 31

  12. Those are the weirdest things I’ve ever seen! I had to google “Vibrams”, because my first thought was “what is she on about? She’s not barefoot, there is some kind of weird monster foot down there!!”

    By pixielation on 2010 04 01