Now, don’t *I* feel like a bitch?

May 10, 2006


Jeeze. Just when you get all saucy and snarky, someone goes and has a great idea. I mean GREAT idea. As in, “let’s actually CELEBRATE all the stuff we do!”

Uhhu. Slap me now. Slap. Me. Now.

So, thanks to Jamie, I saw her SuperMomTradingCard on flickr and just HAD to participate. Thanks to Helene for coming up with such a neat idea.

If I haven’t said so already, RUN! Go! Make your supermom card! Then you can be snarky later.

And, sticking with “SuperMom” don’t forget to go shout congrats to Lanna on her new Nicholas! Congrats, girlie!


  1. Love the card—-  and she’s so cute!  Thanks for participating and helping to spread the news smile

    By Helene on 2006 05 11

  2. THat was neato!  What a great idea!

    By Holly on 2006 05 11

  3. that is really really freaking awesome.

    By texasbelle on 2006 05 11

  4. Yea…thanks for pimpin’ it! I finally did mine last night after…uh ...meaning to do it for a while. Cool. Let’s be Supermoms together. I’ve got my cape and my Wonder Woman boots.

    By Jamie on 2006 05 11

  5. Cute! Great picture of y’all too.

    By beanieroo on 2006 05 11

  6. p.s. that is an AWESOME photo of you and your little LB cutie patootie…smooch

    By Jamie on 2006 05 11

  7. What a great photo!  And it truly is a brilliant idea.  Since I’m such a new mommy, my super powers are still in the making… one day, though, I hope to be able to handle both a baby AND a hot beverage!

    By Stephanie A. on 2006 05 11

  8. Nice!

    By Kerry on 2006 05 11

  9. I made a super mommy card, but don’t see it added yet…

    By Amy on 2006 05 11

  10. While I am not a mom and therefore cannot participate, I am definitely going to make one for my mom and give it to her for Mother’s Day. It’s the type of thing that she’d think was too cute! Thanks to you and Jamie for the idea!

    By Ambrosia on 2006 05 11

  11. OH, what a neat idea, Ambrosia! I’m sure she’ll love love it!

    Amy, hrm.. did you add the proper tag? Lemme know if you need help.

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2006 05 11

  12. OH ya, prize whores. What do ya want? I’d offer a design but.. um.. well.. Michaela is still waiting for hers so… um… we’ll chat. How ‘bout some BlogJava?! heh.

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2006 05 11

  13. That’s so cool.  Can we do Super Auntie Trading Cards??  smile

    By Water Girl on 2006 05 14