Oh, my three foot knight in shiny armor

Nov 30, 2006

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We purchased a garbage can today.  [I’m sorry, did you just roll your eyes and mutter, “that is not blog worthy”? You are *obviously* not aware what this garbage can means to me. Or what it took to get it. Or why we went two and a half months without one at all.]

It’s all because of the mister. [And love squabbles are always blog worthy. :: eye roll :: ]*

First there was the $4.99 garbage can I picked up at Target the week we moved in. We chose not to bring up our old garbage can since it was broken and had several tears in the plastic that didn’t seem strong enough to make the 250 mile uhaul trip. Plus? It’s a farking GARBAGE CAN. FYI. At any rate, I chose the most reasonable and cheap garbage can that struck me. Hey! It costs just a little more than a latte! Go me.

Mr. Flinger poopooed it almost immediately. “It doesn’t have a lid. We need one with a lid. Plus it’s too small.”  “It fits under the sink where National Garbage Can Law says it must go.” “It’s too small. I don’t like it. Lets (you) take it back and find one together.” MmmmK. Didn’t know the man wanted a say in the garbage receptacle.

Three weeks later we head to Bed Bath and Beyond specifically to find a garbage can. We spend, no kidding, three hours in the store. We debate size. Color. Peddle Popup? Or lid you lift? What about this $109 chrome dilly that you wave your hand in front of and the lid pops open for you? LB pooped twice while at the store and I had to take a seat when I started getting gaggy. Finally we settled on a black, medium size, plastic garbage can with a lid. “Think it will fit under the sink?” he asks. “Sure. Whatever. I need to eat again.”

We bring it home, place it under the sink and WOMP. It doesn’t fit. Naturally. So we set it aside so we can take it back and try again. This time, Mr. Flinger states, We’ll take measurements with us. Duh. Measurements. That’s what we forgot. (Seriously, you think YOU are rolling your eyes? SERIOUSLY. I almost needed surgery to correct my pupils from the constant eye roll.)

Tonight we headed to Linnens and Things because hey! We haven’t tried there yet!  We walked the entire store, searched through all Christmas products, candles, gifts that vibrate and massage, curtains, towels and back to Christmas products. We saw only one garbage can, a bathroom chrome one, and almost utterly discouraged went to get in line. Then he saw it: Shining in the way only my dream garbage collector could, the isle of garbage cans and oh! the variety! the glamor! The hope and possibility made us breathless.

After careful searching we found one we liked. A can we can agree on. A can that will sit out, not hide under the sink, but be a part of the family with its shiny chrome and fancy pedal. It will go by the sink and

we will teach the kids not to play with it

I will completely lose my mind when the toddler gets in to it for the fiftieth time and feeds onion peel to the baby. But we found it. Our garbage can.

I heart it.

Actually, I’m so ambivalent it’s pathetic, about the actual can itself, but the search? The chase? I am not one to go after those “hard to get” types. Fark that. I just wanted my garbage can and I wanted him now. But the waiting is a little bitter sweet. And now, he is home.


*What may actually be blog worthy is the fact that we ran in to Santa at World Wraps. HALLELUJAH! We saw SANTA! My little heart just can’t take it. Santa AND a garbage can in the same night! :: swoon ::


  1. Ummm…congratulations!?!

    p.s. I predict LB will perfect the eye rolling at the two of you very soon (if she doesn’t do it discretely already).

    By AmyM on 2006 11 30

  2. LMAO - wow a garbage can, santa all in the same day huh?

    And at first I thought I read

    ” We walked the entire store, searched through all Christmas products, candles, gifts that vibrate and massage,”

    I thought it said Vibrators that Massage! Of course, my mind always goes to the gutter smile

    By Nicole on 2006 11 30

  3. But, please tell me you got the one like ours. The one with the itty bitty bathroom can that goes with. The one that holds three q-tips and a cotton ball in it before you can empty it.

    Either way, I have the same can and I am sending you some Windex to keep it clean, cause I am anal like that.

    P.S. Do you live anywhere near the Tulalip (or whatever) Outlets??

    By rhiinpink on 2006 11 30

  4. Oh yes, that is the king of cans!! We have one just like it, got it from costco smile I heart mine too! smile

    By Bree on 2006 11 30

  5. Our can sits out in the kitchen as well and we are constantly fishing items out of it and asking each other if we meant to throw away this sippy cup or that plate.  The 18mo loves “helping” us.  Sometimes, she kisses it, just like in your picture.  Ah yes, under the sink would be more practical but would it be as fun?  Methinks not.

    By Elaine on 2006 11 30

  6. Heeeeyyy!  I have the same garbage can!!  From LNT!  We just got ours too…it must be Purchase Garbage Can month or something.  smile

    By Raybelle on 2006 12 01

  7. You are one funny chick.  That is one sharp looking garbage can wink

    I’m a bit green that you saw Santa too.


    By mdvelazquez on 2006 12 01

  8. Cool can,
    My friend leaves her can out too and her toddler throws all kinds of interesting things in it.  Like car keys, cell phones, visiting children’s shoes.  Fun times, fun times.  :D

    By sue on 2006 12 01

  9. Yep.  Same garbage can here too and it does have the specific purpose of looking pretty in the kitchen.  smile

    By Marjorie on 2006 12 01

  10. No time to read your whole post, but just stopped in to say ‘Oh no you didn’t post a pic of you kissing your trash can!’.

    By Renee on 2006 12 01

  11. That looks like ours.  We needed something bc in Jays old apt their trash can was one of those giant ones that normal people keep outside and drag to the curb on trash day, it was gross.

    By Sara on 2006 12 01

  12. I’m glad you found the garbage can of your dreams! Sometimes it’s the little things.

    By JC on 2006 12 01

  13. “Santa AND a garbage can in the same night! :: swoon :: ” - you are cracking me up over here! 

    love the garbage can by the way.  but the search?  not so much.

    By CPA MOM on 2006 12 01

  14. How’d you get Sandra Bullock over to kiss your trash can for you???

    By Laura on 2006 12 01

  15. Too funny!  We just had the garbage can talk yesterday.  We have this medium sized white plastic one that was sitting out in the kitchen…It’s too big to go under the sink (nothing can fit in there, no matter what… one side is the plumbing part and the other is the disposal) yet it doesn’t have a lid so it’s a bit much getting to look at trash everyday in the kitchen. 
    Also we want to put in a little kitchen island cart thing, for more counter space (that’s a whole other topic) and the garbage can would therefore be in the way. 

    I said we need to find a nice looking stainless steel type of garbage can with a lid and then move it slightly over to the dining area, but it would then be a nice looking thing and yet still handy to get to.  I would love one just like yours!!  Alas, the simple solution was to put the can in the broom closet.

    It is such a funny topic to blog about, yet there is so much to say about a garbage can.  Who knew!  When we moved I left my garbage can and I so miss it. It was a large green plastic one, but it had a lid, so it looked okay.

    It is FUNNY when kids start throwing random stuff away…  My youngest will throw stuff away he decides he doesn’t like (toys, papers, whatever), but my oldest would throw stuff away so he wouldn’t get in trouble… like if he broke something and he just wouldn’t tell us.  Thankfully he is old enough to know better now.

    By Holly on 2006 12 01

  16. Laura’s comment is too funny!! 

    Everytime I watch a Sandra Bullock movie it makes me think of Leslie!  I’m glad someone else can see it, toO!

    By Holly on 2006 12 01

  17. Kissing a garbage can? Ummmmm. Leslie. Umm. Blechhhhhh!

    By Marie on 2006 12 01

  18. Ok. You people are officially my fave.

    Sandra Bullock? SHUT UP. Marry me. All of you.

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2006 12 01

  19. You’re cracking me up, girl!

    By Heather on 2006 12 01

  20. SEXY!

    I know that satisfaction in finding “the one.”

    Took me TWO YEARS to find the shower curtain of my dreams.

    By and rudeness on 2006 12 01