Ohdeargod Another BlogHer Post Forthelove When Is It Over NEVER HAHA SUCKAH

Jul 16, 2008

#Life#This one time? At BlogHer?

Look, I sympathize, I do. I sat home years in a row watching people I would DIE to see (caps on DIE because I mean it for emphasis not actually as in keel over) go to a conference and meet each other and laugh and have cheezburgers and DAMNTHEM. Except I didn’t damn them. I wanted to go. I was a little bit jealous. But I was secure in my own self and I knew one year I’d go, too. And if I didn’t, it was ok. They were still my favorite bloggers/friends/girl crushes.

This year, though, I’m going. And I’d like to tote you alone with me in my laptop. You and You and You and You. And YOU. Yes, You, too. You. Right there.

So I’m going to blog about it and you’re going to drink with me. And we’re going to have a non-politically correct gay time (and giggle because HAHA you said gay) and share the experience. Ok?

For starters, here’s what you can expect from our possy:




Flaming Boobies




Obsessive Lipstick Application


Pushing our beliefs on others regarding obsessive lipstick application


Passing out shortly after 9pm


I know they won’t kill me for posting these. Even if I AM sleeping in the same room and, oh, could be vulnerable at 4AM when there are accessible pillows around. I know they will forgive because they’re like Jesus that way.

I’m pretty sure if Jesus was a girl, he wouldn’t have washed feet.


He’d have given pedicures.


And at home? I leave this:

San Fransisco? Just. In. Time.


  1. LOL I’ll take any excuse to drink.  Hope you have a wonderful time.  Can’t wait to hear about all of your adventures.

    By Jess on 2008 07 16

  2. O!  BABY O!  Love that drunken sailor stage of walking.  PRICELESS.  That’s hard to leave, until you GET there and start having a blast!  Take me with you in spirit.  Hug Amy and Tracey and Jenny and everyone else (you included).

    Le SIGH!

    By Katie Kat on 2008 07 16

  3. Have a blast! Just know those of us at home are living vicariously through ya’ll!

    By Kat on 2008 07 16

  4. I totally AM jealous. smile I’ll be reading, though.  I’m sure you’ll have an amazing time.

    By Domestic Spaz on 2008 07 16

  5. Have a BALL!!!

    By Marie on 2008 07 16

  6. Looks like my kind of fun!  Have a great time.

    By Susan on 2008 07 16

  7. OMG you guys are hyyysterical, I cannot WAIT to hear all the stories. Just stay slightly sober enough to take pictures and not lose the camera. No wait, better yet have somebody ELSE take pictures - that’s PERFECT!! YAY! We’re off the Vancouver Folk Fest and will hopefully have pics to match (sadly will probably not include as much drunkeness or lipstick).

    And also? CHECK OUT your little walker, what a little cutie!!! We have matching walkers, as in all other things. Are you having your period special for vacation, too? grin

    By syd on 2008 07 16

  8. Ha ha ha! 
    Counting down the hours.  Is it okay to have a cocktail on a 7 am flight?

    By Laura on 2008 07 16


    By VDog on 2008 07 16

  10. I can’t wait to hear all of the stories when you come home. I also want to come meet the posse. I think that other than the obsessive lipstick application we would be homies in no time. You better lick me when you get back. Also maybe take my picture with you, so that I can say I went to BlogHer with Mrs. Flinger! That would be awesome!

    By Mrs. Tantrum on 2008 07 16

  11. And now I see that you linked me and I am crying. We indeed are giggling over the gay time you are going to have! I love you!

    By Mrs. Tantrum on 2008 07 16

  12. I AM jealous! But I am so happy for you!

    And one day I WILL be there.


    (and I better see pictures)


    By Sarcastic Mom on 2008 07 16

  13. PS: That video is so adorable that I almost died.

    By Sarcastic Mom on 2008 07 16

  14. Ok. This is a really random question. Is that Lara G**** in some of those pictures? I went to school with her and I swear that is her..!!

    By Siri on 2008 07 16

  15. Have a great time.  I can’t wait to read all about it.

    P.S. You might want to sleep with one eye open.  They might not smother you, but they might do other things to you when you pass out.

    By MariaV on 2008 07 17

  16. Have a fabulous time!

    By Renee on 2008 07 17

  17. Just don’t fart on each others’ pillows. I hear you get pink eye that way wink
    Wish I could be there. We’ll be on a cross-country road trip from PA back to AZ (home) with our toddler during teh e-Vent. Lookin forward to readin all about it when I get access to the interwebs.

    By TheMacMommy on 2008 07 18

  18. Siri B?  I was Laura G****!
    Was it the photo of me singing that you recognized?  Or the obsesive lipstick application?
    That is so ironic that you found me here on MrsFlinger.  She is a great friend and we also do Mamaspod.com together.

    By Laura on 2008 07 18