On turning seven. Alternate title: HOLYCRAPYOUARESEVEN

Oct 17, 2011

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I remember the day I peed on a stick and shockingly read two lines. I remember the day we found out we were having a girl. I remember the long, difficult struggle of birth and the weeks and months following. The transition to being your mom wasn’t an easy one but those are all memories now.

Toddler LB

I have completely, utterly, hopelessly, passionately fallen in love with you, my daughter, my pixie, my joy, my pride.

You grow every day to be a person I am proud of. You create, you laugh, you rejoice. You show me what living with imagination is. You teach me to ride my bike in the grass because cement isn’t necessary. You invite me in to your imagination of talking horses and pet shops. You warm me with your arms and your impossibly long legs, mygod how did they get so long, wrap around my waist when I lift you for possibly the last time of your life.

Baby Big Sister

Big Sister Seven

You love your brother with so much strength, allowing him still to climb in to your lap. You are patient with him, mostly, and I am grateful for your relationship. I watch you as you get on the bus, I send thoughts of strength and success as you smile out the window with your new adult teeth and wave the I love you sign.

Big Kids turning 4

Big Kids Seven

You are faithful with your friendships, still enjoying each birthday with our closest and dearest. You are tender to your core and your love means more to me than a thousand successful clients.

One day I will successfully show you how much you’ve changed my life, LB. Until that time I will soak you up, each possible day, each available hug, each snuggle. We love you dearly. So. Very.



  1. Happy birthday, LB!  Loving 7 here..  Love this, Mrs. F! (I’m tearing up…)

    By Marie on 2011 10 17

  2. Happy happy birthday LB! Seven is an awesome, awesome age. Soak up every second for one day she will be 9 and you’ll be humming Smells Like Tween Spirit.


    By Jamie on 2011 10 17

  3. Happy 7th birthday LB!  We are so happy to get to share these years with you!!!

    By Laura on 2011 10 17

  4. Sending you a ton of (((HUGS))) and Birthday wishes. You rock our world, that is for sure. Love you, Oma and Papa.

    By Omaflinger on 2011 10 17