One of my many laws

Jun 27, 2008

As Mom, I have the ability, nay, the right to make up laws the family must follow. These can, and will, change at whim. This law, however, has been around since the dawn of our marriage, well before children and obligations and stress:

Law 2 section 1.2 reads as such:

If the sun is streaming in to the room and makes [watching tv] [being on the computer] [playing video games] too difficult, it is time to go outside.

Don’t break law #2 this weekend, kids. You don’t want to know Law #3.

Law #2 is going to be in effect soon.

Go forth and enjoy!


  1. Word up!

    By mrs. f on 2008 06 27

  2. Curtains…get some curtains!  wink

    I do like your rule though!!

    By Amy on 2008 06 27

  3. very nice law - shall have to push it through in my house

    By pgoodness on 2008 06 27

  4. Oh I like this law a lot. I think I’m going to adopt this from now on.

    By Skiplovey on 2008 06 28

  5. I like how you think.

    Except, here in NorCal, it would mean we’d never get any screen time.  And that would make this Mama go insane, and rather quickly at that.

    By Christine on 2008 06 28

  6. I guess it’s because here in Seattle we have seventeen and a half days a year of sun so people call in sick when it’s sunny.

    No shit.

    I’m working today, though. Deadlines are deadlines. wink

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2008 06 28

  7. But what if you’ve already been outside and the kids are trying to kill you by being crazy active and all you want is a little time on Twitter to chill while the kids are safely contained in the house?  What if you are so tired you wish you were dead?  Do I still have to go outside?  ok, fine. I’d better put on more sunscreen….

    By followthatdog on 2008 06 28

  8. Go have fun in the sun girlfriend.

    I like that rule and the one that says if there is beer in the fridge you must drink it. wink

    By Jamie on 2008 06 28

  9. I too make up these rules and laws of the house. Like my infamous McDonald’s ban. Yet, I have not ability to enforce them. Please share secrets on making people do as I say. I am after all, MOM!

    By Ranee on 2008 06 29