Apr 11, 2008

#Life#Flash Back Friday

This week’s Friday Flashback was “Prom memories: what did you do (or not do) on prom night?”

Mr. Flinger would say. “I did not get laid.”

Friday Flashback: Prom

I would say, “Gossiped with friends and danced with a boy with a hardon.”

Friday Flashback: Prom

My Mom would say, “Such good kids, those two. Never worried about them having sex and getting pregnant because I raised a good little Catholic Girl.”

Friday Flashback: Prom

My friends would say, “Smoked pot and gossiped about how much we wanted to get laid.”

Friday Flashback: Prom

Because we all know Prom is about getting laid and not the over priced dresses and stinky corsages.

God I hope my daughter is too cool for prom. I don’t need to read about how much she wanted to get laid on her blog twenty years from now.

*Yes, I went to two Proms and two Winter Balls with Mr. Flinger. Yes we were high school sweethearts. Yes we broke up shortly after High School. Yes, he did get laid. Eventually. Yes, we got married, made babies and yes, we still talk about how much we want to get laid now. It’s the circle of life. Or Karma. Or a cruel cruel joke. Or whatever else you want to call it.

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Also! If you’re my twitter bud and you’re playing along with high school picture day please let me know. I will add your link here when I get back online.

People Rockin’ the Big Hair and Prom Photos:

Mamma Loves
Old Silly Bear
Single Super Mama
Colleen (also Via Twitter)
Don Mills Diva
Queen Of Spain Via Twitter
Busy Mom Via Twitter
Jennifer Via Twitter
Crunchy Domestic Goddess Via Twitter


  1. That is seriously the sweetest thing ever that you guys were high school sweethearts and have your old big hair photos to show your kids. Aw!

    By Dana on 2008 04 11

  2. That dude is oh so young and facial hair-free…you guys look great!

    By Assertagirl on 2008 04 11

  3. You look so young and innocent.  I’m definitely reposting my prom pics.

    By MammaLoves on 2008 04 11

  4. I actually DID get laid (*neener neener*) and now, 25 years later, I’m still married to my prom date.

    (I’m here via twitter)

    By ben on 2008 04 11

  5. Let’s just say I didn’t get too Busy that night. Unless you count post-prom bowling as busy.

    By BusyDad on 2008 04 11

  6. Oh my gosh, girl, your pictures are TOO AWESOME. I am in, I posted my pictures. I hope Brian forgives me. grin

    By supermama on 2008 04 11

  7. You two are adorable.  I wish I could find my prom photo.  You would appreciate the big hair and enormous, green, poof, 80s sleeves.  I went to an all girls Catholic high school, so I only had one prom.  And I didn’t not think about getting laid either wink

    By mdvelazquez on 2008 04 11

  8. Are you with Randy Travis?

    I’m in…

    By ben on 2008 04 11

  9. I posted my pic on twitter…

    And WOW.  Just WOW.  those are some AWESOME dresses.  Do you still have them? You should wear them to BlogHer.

    By Jennifer on 2008 04 11

  10. Awesome pictures! I wish I’d have had some from mine to post.  God only know what my parents have done with them lol.

    By NotAMeanGirl on 2008 04 11

  11. There’s Mr. Flinger with hair!

    I couldn’t resist you this week so I’m playing along too:


    By Colleen on 2008 04 11

  12. OMG! Ya’ll are so cute.

    You know the hubby and I went to senior prom, too.

    And he did not get lucky that night. wink

    By Jamie on 2008 04 11

  13. You guys are adorable!

    I’m gonna post on prom tonight too - love this FF!

    By Don Mills Diva on 2008 04 11

  14. There are NO prom picture I would want to post (blech) but I have pictures of Jay and I at his second birthday party and his 4th and my 4th- which is cute.

    I havent been by in forever, but I just peed on a stick (negative) and it made me think of you lol

    By Sara on 2008 04 11

  15. Love the pictures! smile

    Great prom story.

    By Frances on 2008 04 11

  16. I posted pic on twitter. 

    You and the man look so ADORABLE!  Sweet and innocent. 
    I look like a freaking whore.  No joke, go take a look.

    By Young on 2008 04 11

  17. These are awesome! Good times..good times! I played along too! smile

    By Bree on 2008 04 11

  18. I wrote about my prom flashback in my ‘Meme’...read it here:http://bubblegumuniverse.wordpress.com/2008/03/21/meme-ive-been-tagged/

    Skip to #3 and there you go.

    By Ali on 2008 04 11

  19. great post. what cute pics of the 2 of you! smile oh, and my mom would’ve said the same thing about me. wink

    i posted a pic from a senior year dance on twitter.

    By crunchy domestic goddess on 2008 04 11

  20. You guys look awesome!  Sad to say, I got laid years before my prom.  By prom time, sex was such a not a big deal.  Hmmm…maybe that explains a few things now!!!

    By Peg on 2008 04 11