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Mar 09, 2008

I’d like everyone to say hello to Mr. Flinger and Sister Flinger: Both of whome decided, after years of asking, “Hey, you wanna read something I wrote?” decided THIS week was the week to start reading ye ol’ blog.

Hi Mr. Flinger! Hi Sister Flinger!

Already, we know Oma, the In-Laws and several clients read ye ol’ blog.

And one day, ye ol’ kids will.

I’m sure of it because she’s just like me.

Just like Mommy

So, Internet, I ask you, do your Real Life People read your site? And have they known about it? And have they, let’s say, gone, “ppffftttttttt” for about four years and suddenly decided, “hrm. blog…” and logged on and read and read and reeeaaaadddddddd?

I’m kinda wishing I said that part about the working late text message now. And the lack of sex. And the vasectomy.
Oh, look! I did.

Good for me.


In other news, I’m invited to an 80’s prom in which I WILL wear my supah cool boots from 1987. Oh, hellztotheya! (Is that so 2004? is that done with? crap, I dunno. Hellz to The Yea, baby! Living 2004 like it never dies! :: cough ::) With any luck I’ll get my bangs to curl half up and half down. Oh the angst! Oh the friz! Oh to the Aquanet!!



  1. heheh. I used the purple can…

    Have fun at your 80s prom!

    As far as I know, real life people are the only ones who do read my blog. And as far as I know, they do read it! They tend to save their comments for when they actually see me or on the telephone. I TELL them to leave comments and get some long answer why they don’t. anyway.

    Talk at you later!

    By hilary on 2008 03 10

  2. I told most of my real life people abour my teeny tiny blog, some scoffed at me, and I am learning that some actually read me, which lets me know that I should watch what I say about people I know on there.

    Totally makes me regret telling them all about it.

    An 80’s prom sounds so uber fun. Jealous! My bangs never curled well, but I sure did try!!!! Have fun!!!!

    By mrs. f on 2008 03 10

  3. I would totally wear that outfit today.

    A handful of IRL friends, but no family, as far as I know, read my blog.  I kind of wish I had kept the whole shebang a secret from the start.  There are a lot of things I can’t post about because of it.

    By rima on 2008 03 10

  4. Most people I’ve told about my blog don’t really give a shit to be honest. They kinda scoffed as well.

    And 80’s prom!? I totally want to watch Footloose again! LOL

    By sam on 2008 03 10

  5. Lots of people I know in real life read my blog.  Most of the time it doesn’t bother me but I do try to keep it in mind.  For example, I’ve been know to start out entrys with things like “Dad, this is I warning, I talk about my vagina in this entry!”  The only real life person I know who reads my blog and who I wish didn’t is my MIL.  If she wasn’t reading she would probably be my main blogging topic.  (Because she’s wacko.)

    By Jen on 2008 03 10

  6. My family knows about it, but they don’t read it because they can’t handle The Swearing.

    By Kirdito on 2008 03 10

  7. I kind of keep it to myself although I don’t think of it as a secret. They all just aren’t that into the internet and I think they just wouldn’t get it.

    By Melizzard on 2008 03 10

  8. 80’s prom sounds like so much fun!!

    And yes, I was outed a couple of months back and now quite a few people I know read it.  I’m a certain it is the reason I blog a lot less than I used to.

    By A (RWB) on 2008 03 10

  9. Yes, some of my IRL friends and family read my blog, but not my MIL. Actually, thank you for the reminder that I need to remove a post or two before sharing it with her. They are not exactly relationship-building words I used. Shame.

    By Dre the Texican on 2008 03 10

  10. My mom reads ALL my blogs faithfully. Which is getting crazy now, with 2 of my own and writing for 5 more…. Luckily I don’t write everyday on all of them grin

    My husband NEVER reads them unless I specifically tell him to read something.

    By Susan Getgood on 2008 03 10

  11. I think you need to accesorize with some black rubber bracalets to complete the outfit. grin

    I don’t have a blog.

    By mdvelazquez on 2008 03 10

  12. Mr. Flinger hasn’t been reading this all along?  Oh my!  He’s gonna get an ear/eye full!  And HI to Sister Flinger.  You shall be “WOWED” by Mrs. Flinger’s flinginess, and you will be hooked, just like all of us! 

    And LOVE to the HELLZ TO THE YAH look of the 80’s!  The smell of Aquanet and Aussie Sprunch spray STILL transport me back.  You ought to try to find a bunch of those black O-ring bracelets that were so popular (or just use O-rings from the hardware store - same thing!)

    You MUST provide pics of course…

    By Katie Kat on 2008 03 10

  13. 80’s Prom sounds like fun. Make sure that hair won’t move an inch!

    My husband reads my blog, as does most of his family. My mom knows about it, but chooses not to read because she doesn’t think it’s very interesting. (ouch, right?)

    My dad recently found my blog, and I believe I’ve been disowned as a result. We’re at least no longer on speaking terms again, and he’s told that entire side of the family about it, too. Sigh.

    By Christina on 2008 03 10

  14. Just the hubby and my sister, and a few random friends/neighbors (totaling like 5 people).  Folks that know me well enough to know that yes, I have bad days, and yes, I sometimes really need to swear.  wink

    By Lanna on 2008 03 10

  15. Actually, tons of people IRL read my blog now. Which is a blessing and a curse, really. Because I can’t blog about things like not wanting to wear a lilac satin strapless dress in my friend (and reader’s) wedding, but I can skip a lot of emails by just posting kid updates in my blog.

    By Jerseygirl on 2008 03 10

  16. I thought Mr. F was reading already!?

    I told a few real life peeps, who I thought would “get it,” plus my sisters. My sisters don’t read unless I send them a direct link and say “read this today.” Too busy for feeds or something?! I know of a few friends who check in regularly, but every time I think about telling more peeps, I think they’ll bawk.

    Get out the Aquanet!! Lots of pics, chickee!

    By Marie on 2008 03 10

  17. Exactly 2 real life people read my blog.  I’m not exactly hiding, but I don’t tell people about it either.

    By LifeAsIKnowIt on 2008 03 10

  18. My mom is the one that encouraged me to start blogging in the beginning. And now I think my only readers are IRL people (mom, dad, ex-husband’s-wife who’s now one of my best friends, Mrs Flinger who now counts too, etc). I know my ex-husbands parents read it because I recently posted about having to put some groceries back b/c I didn’t have enough money, and they stopped by the next day with a gift certificate to Fred Meyer. Which made me cry (happy cry), and then make a note to myself to stop posting about money problems. grin

    I am seriously SO JEALOUS about the 80’s prom. Really!? I have been (no joke) trying to plan one in Bellingham for almost a year now. I even have the playlist ready. Sooooo jealous, I am desperately hoping you will post all about it WITH PICTURES. “Desperately Seeking Flinger.”

    By supermama on 2008 03 10

  19. PICTURES please (of the prom) (and the outfit)

    By Karen Sugarpants on 2008 03 11

  20. I specially hand-selected a few choice “Real People” to tell about San Diego Momma…

    BUT, my husband tells everyone, including my old book club, whose members he saw out recently, and who I ditched b/c they were catty and judgmental and who I cannot write about now ever on my blog, as I originally planned to do.

    So it cuts both ways.

    By Deb on 2008 03 11