Show your teenagers this video, then go put on makeup

Oct 03, 2008

After two hours of total meltdown, I made this video.

After two minutes, you might wonder who had the actual meltdown.

And it’ll be obvious who needs cover-up.

Come one, come all, show your tweens, teens and husbands: The Birth Control known as ....



  1. I love how he travels around while screaming. Fabulous.

    Sadly, I could have made this video at my place. We even have the same rug (IKEA?) but ours is the blue version.  Ethan likes to wake up from his afternoon nap cranky and then just lie in the middle of the living room, face down on the rug and scream.

    Things that would have been good to stop and consider more carefully a month ago….

    By Carrie on 2008 10 03

  2. I remember those days… a vasectomy took care of that.  Thanks for the flashback!

    By koehmstedt on 2008 10 03

  3. Ah, gotta love those temper tantrums.  Did he take a really good nap after that performance?

    By Shannon on 2008 10 03

  4. Oh, that was painful. I didn’t make it through more than about 15 seconds of it. Poor kid. The 16-17 month phase was really hard on Sophia too. She got happy at 18 months and with only a brief hiccup at 23 months has been a joy ever since.

    By laura on 2008 10 03

  5. Poor baby (well poor momma too!) Man I don’t love those.  I chuckled at how he got to a growl and it wasn’t really even crying anymore, just growling.  I hope he slept well that night!

    By KD@ A Bit Squirrelly on 2008 10 03

  6. Can I save this for use with my own, when they are of the appropriate age?  I only have audio of them melting down!  Video?  Priceless.

    Btw, I love his use of space!  He really covers the territory well.

    By karen on 2008 10 03

  7. That is hilarious. I need to record Bear’s next meltdown although I have been blessed not to have a 2 hour long meltdown, yet. Knock on wood.

    By Someone Being Me on 2008 10 03

  8. Oh my gosh.  At some point, you have to do something (like start filming).  What else is there to do?  I agree - perfect birth control.

    By Rachael on 2008 10 03

  9. Actually thanks for posting this.. our youngest has these kinds of endless fits and it sort of freaks me out. I hate it for you but I’m happy to know we are not the only ones. Our oldest never pitched fits at all so we’re sort of freaked out when #2 pulls this stuff.

    By Melizzard on 2008 10 03

  10. Hope was concerned the first time it played through… then she wanted to watch it again. The second time she LAUGHED the whole time. I guess she knew he wasn’t getting hurt. Or she has done the same (although not for two hours). She is presently crying because I won’t play it again (thanks).

    We will get through this, my friend! A bit bruised maybe, but we will get through this. (Last night? the night before? Hope wacked me in the head with the remote control. Totally unprovoked and out of the blue. I’m not sure why or what… but it hurt like heck. I cried. Thankfully it is not a visible bruise on my forehead…)
    Oh, now what? Hope is on the floor…screaming? I must go. Thanks for the video. I feel for you.

    By hilary on 2008 10 03

  11. That was painful to watch. I usually leave the room for those moments.

    It took my son a moment to recognize that that wasn’t him in the video. That’s pretty hilarious considering the fact that he is not at all blond or white.

    By beanery on 2008 10 03

  12. Poor baby Flinger. Poor Mrs. Flinger. I do love how determined he is and how he really makes good use of his space. Poor dude. I hope he conked out shortly after the making of this video.

    By blissfully caffeinated on 2008 10 03

  13. You know why I love you??!!  You grabbed the VIDEO CAMERA and let his wailing and gnashing of teeth to continue…all for the sake of posterity! 

    YOU are my HERO.
    much love!!

    By Little Miss on 2008 10 03

  14. Oh dear!  My husband and I have just spent the last five days trying to make one of those.  We just might skip tonight!

    By Lori @ Front Porch Legacy on 2008 10 03

  15. Oh god… the FLASHBACKS!  *shudders*

    My first reaction was “HOLD HIM SILLY WOMAN!!!!” so I was glad you came on and said you had tried everything; but then I was sad because you said you’d been going through that for 2 hours!  Holy Hell on a Cheezit.  That’s why my mantra is, and always has been, ONE AND WE’RE DONE!

    Oh, and I think you look really CUTE!  I mean, except for the look of OMFG-someone-please-hit-me-in-the-head-with-a-ball-peen-hammer and all.  smile

    By Katie Kat on 2008 10 03

  16. Holy heck. LOL. Ben used to do that… wow. I don’t miss that… he still goes to that well once in awhile when he is SUPER tired and overstimulated. But yeah… I’m glad Baby2 came with the “No Spaz” upgrade. wink However, I will say, I’m thinking you and i had similar days today. Beer? smile

    By Erin on 2008 10 03

  17. I love it! Can I say that being a mom of a 19 month old boy…why yes, because this one is NOT mine! I absolutely love how he scoots backwards during the tantrum and then goes and hides like he doesn’t want others to see him in a video crying!

    By Veronica on 2008 10 03

  18. Hey, that looks like the sequel to my own production, “Babyzilla Attacks Bellingham, 2002.” Except we didn’t have a rug, and my boy didn’t cover as much territory…

    By Scott on 2008 10 03

  19. HA! We have the same rug… and the same meltdowns.

    If I return the rug will the meltdowns end?

    sigh. if only.

    By the mrs. on 2008 10 03

  20. Oy. OMG. I feel like crying.

    By sam {temptingmama} on 2008 10 03