Nov 26, 2006

Is it wrong that I woke up this morning to see the lovely white stuff and say, ‘Crap! It better not stick tomorrow. I have to get to the OB!”


  1. sigh…snow…I often wish that we got snow here in New Orleans…until people remind that it is only pretty until you have to get somewhere!

    By Sara on 2006 11 26

  2. OH purdy snow. It’s 69 and sunny here right now!

    But heck yeah I’d say the same thing if I had to drive in it. Crossing my fingers and toes for clear roads manana mama.

    I love the snowman redesign! (Note to self: put away the Halloween door mat at the front door and replace it with the snowman one.)

    By Jamie on 2006 11 26

  3. Yup, I’m lovin’ this template- the last one was a little too.. too (for me anyway, honesty is a curse sometimes).  But this is nice cool, wintry blue.  Oh, you and me both will be makin’ up for the lack of wine next year- fo’ sho’.

    By Jessica on 2006 11 26

  4. you call that snow?  Bah.  Some Canadian you’d make! *grin*

    By canadian_sadie on 2006 11 26

  5. Dh just asked if the snow shut the city down.  wink  Smartass…  Did you and LB go out to play in it?  Oh, I dig the blue theme - the red scared my eyes a little.

    By Lanna on 2006 11 26

  6. Who would have thought the ONE time you don’t need it to snow…it does.  Its flippin’ Seattle.  HOPEFULLY, it will all be melted away by this afternoon and not return until Tuesday if it returns at all.  wink

    By Marjorie on 2006 11 26


    And sticking more.

    :: sigh ::

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2006 11 26

  8. It’s hard for me to comprehend the snow you are (still) getting, because it’s been 70ish ALL WEEKEND LONG here.  I have never in all my days worn cropped pants the weekend after Thanksgiving to go shopping and still dripped sweat.  (I know, pretty mental image…)

    Hubs has promised Chase that if it doesn’t snow worth crap here this winter, he’ll drive north ‘till we find some!  Poor little fella…we haven’t had enough snow in all the years he’s been alive COMBINED to be able to make a good snowman!

    I hope it clears up just in the nick of time for your OB appt. tomorrow.  Good Luck!

    By Charla on 2006 11 26

  9. Uh…I can beat your concern! smile TEN inches of snow so far here just north of you…and I have a 38-WEEK checkup with the OB on Wed. (as in ‘let’s see if you’re dialated…!!!’)

    By AmyM on 2006 11 26

  10. I’m going to the OB tomorrow too but for my glucose test! I wish there was snow here…alas only 70 degree temps. :(

    By texasbelle on 2006 11 26

  11. Amy, TEN INCHES. I knew they were getting more but TEN INCHES! That’s enough to make Canadian Sadie proud! wink And uh, yea, you win the freak out contest. Feel free to seriously freak out.

    I’ll just be over here gestating and having to wait another few days. Although, Mr. Flinger has promised to take the Xterra with chains to my OB apt tomorrow so I can have that reassuring heartbeat and yaknow, quit bugging him with my paranoia.

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2006 11 26

  12. Yeah, this snow sucks ass.

    I moved here to get AWAY from snow.

    What the hell?

    By Kate on 2006 11 26

  13. what’s snow, mrs. flinger?  please share with the rest of us who are still going barefoot in the fall leaves…

    By Little Miss on 2006 11 26

  14. Tsk tsk, Mrs. F.  Photoshop is a terrible thing.  You know that I know it doesn’t snow in Seattle, the dumb-ass hippie city that doesn’t even own a snowplow.

    By Claire on 2006 11 26

  15. HAHA! Ahhh, no. See, LB’s preschool has been canceled. Schools are closing. It’s real.


    Seriously. AHHHHH!!!

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2006 11 26

  16. I was the same way. Come hell or high SNOW. I’d find a way to get to that OB appointment :0) We have yet to see a flake of snow here in Maryland. It’s been unusually warm here too. But I can’t wait to take the girls sledding.

    By kelli on 2006 11 26

  17. Ah yes…snow…so beautiful, unless you’re going somewhere, well, it’s still beautiful if you’re getting to the mountain to go snowboarding- but that won’t be either of us this winter, will it?  Damn snow!!

    By sarahgrace on 2006 11 26

  18. I’d say not wrong at all but a valid concern.  Snow is pretty though.

    By Piglet on 2006 11 26

  19. LOL!  Cancelled preschool… Geez, I would’ve loved that back in the day.  Last time I remember school being cancelled on this side of the mountains… was when I was in 2nd grade (so, uh, 1986-ish) and there was a blizzard with 8 inches of snow in 2 hours.  We all got to go home a few hours early.  Anyway, enjoy the day off.  smile

    By Lanna on 2006 11 26

  20. Wait! It’s not a day off for ME. It’s a day off for her TEACHER. Dude, I still have a toddler to deal with and I work online = No B.S. about snowy commute. (boohoo)

    For links to enjoy the “Seattle Snow Massive Panic!” http://www.komotv.com/

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2006 11 26