Some people in life make you want to get 30 commenters to say Happy Birthday to them

Aug 20, 2007

We moved to Seattle nearly ten months ago. It was a move we planned and hoped for, but also one that would be a huge adjustment. It was also the weekend we found out we were pregnant. (And be “we” I mean “me”.) We said goodbye to people we love including a hot Starbucks barista who made last summer extra yummy.  We left and came up here. Here to our new home.

Sometimes all it takes is one person who you initially connect with to turn everything around.

It’s been only half a year we’ve been hanging out but in that short amount of time she’s introduced me to a group of women I connect with, friends my child loves and adores, people and places I consider familiar and home. She’s opened up an entire world to me here, one that gives our family joy and happiness and most importantly friends to go drinking and ride bikes with. She’s become an integral part of our lives and I can’t remember her never being part of it. Her son is one of the people LB asks for daily and I’m so glad he is.

Today is her thirtieth birthday. She’s amazing that at ONLY THIRTY she has her shit together and the whole motherhood thing down pat. She’s fun and spunky and in charge and wonderfully thoughtful. I never had myself that together at thirty. Hell, I don’t have myself that together at thirty one. In many ways, I want to be like her when I grow up. If we are judged by the company we keep, I am way up there, folks. I know some high class ladies.

So, here’s to Michelle’s thirtieth birthday. For someone who’s welcomed my family to the area and made it home, I’d like to have thirty comments from blogland to welcome her to thirty. I know y’all are good for it. You’re great that way. Let’s welcome her to thirty and let her know what’s so great about being thirty. ‘Cause even if she’s already OK with turning the decade all her friends are, I’m sure we can give her more to look forward to aside from a booming sex drive and never being carded or picked up on. And I’m sure y’all could say what those are.

Happy Birthday, Michelle!! Here’s many mushy sentences to turning another year older and getting to share that with you. You totally rock. Seriously.

*P.S. I totally TOTALLY just looked through, like, ALL her freaking photos trying to find an awesome one of her to post. (She takes AMAZING PHOTOS. She’s just not always IN them.) And I chose this one. WHY? Because a) She’s freaking adorable in this one and b) It shows just how fun she is to wear a pair of Mr. Potato Head glasses and post her own picture simply because the kids asked. Now isn’t that someone you’d have a beer with? I would. Totally.


  1. Happy birthday, Michelle!

    The good thing about being in your 30s is people taking you more seriously.  I felt empowered.

    By mdvelazquez on 2007 08 20

  2. Happy Birthday Michelle!

    Thirty is awesome.  My parents finally saw me as an adult.  (even though I had three kids before I turned 30)  Somewhere in my 30’s I slowed down.  I was through the pressure of getting married and having kids before I was too old.  Thirty also brought around some financial stability, which was great. 

    Thirty for me also brought some special friends into my life.  Other moms, who were just like me, struggling with the day to day of raising our kids.  Remember to cherish your friends, and to spend time with them. 

    Thirty is also when a woman’s sex drive kicks in…...

    By scoutmom on 2007 08 20

  3. Happy Birthday Michelle! 30 is awesome because you’re on the high end of the marketers’ “18 - 34” target audience (read: cool stuff IS meant for you)! smile

    Hope it’s a great year!

    By el-e-e on 2007 08 20

  4. Happy Birthday, Michelle!!

    By dancing_lemur on 2007 08 20

  5. Happy Birthday Michelle.  I hope by 30 I get it all together!

    By skyzi on 2007 08 20

  6. Happy Birthday!  I hope it’s a great year!

    By Laura on 2007 08 20

  7. 30 was an awesome year for me and with you and the families kicking around together, I’m sure 30 will kick ass for you as well!  YAY for 30!

    And now, from my step-dad:

    All the Monkey’s in the Zoo
    Send their Best Regards to you
    Happy birthday
    TO YOU!

    By Elaine on 2007 08 20

  8. Happy Birthday to you, Michelle!!! Is it raining there? It’s raining here. My former boss told me that in Hawaii it’s considered good luck if it rains on your birthday. Maybe we should adopt that for Seattle and Portland. Ha.

    By Wacky Mommy on 2007 08 20

  9. Happy Birthday Michelle!

    In an age where none of us know and/or reach out to our neighbors, go you for helping someplace new become home for the Flingers. Oh, and your 30s are gonna rock the casbah!

    By Judy on 2007 08 20

  10. Um, I’m not 30 so I can’t offer anything in that department.  But Happy Birthday!  I’m told 30 is great and I kind of already feel as though I’m in my 30s, with the 4 kids and one on the way and all.  Hope it is a fantastic year!

    By 4andcounting on 2007 08 20

  11. Happy Birthday, Michelle!

    By Renee on 2007 08 20

  12. How Special smile
    Happy Birthday, Michelle!

    By Kerry on 2007 08 20

  13. Happy Birthday Michelle!

    By Diana on 2007 08 20

  14. Michelle!
    Happy Birthday! Welcome to 30. Whoever said 30 was old…well, I actually felt younger at 30 than I did 29 (go figure).

    Thank you for making my friend feel so welcome and at home.  Blessings to you!

    By hilary on 2007 08 20

  15. Happy Birthday Michelle! No advice about the 30s as I have many years to go till I get there smile. But I hear they are great…And Yea! for you to switch up the sunglasses for that spiffy pair of Mr. Potato head glasses, if you ever need them in green we have a pair with your name on them.

    BTW you ARE an amazing person, you have changed many of our lives.

    I thank you for your willingness to listen, your kind words, your willingness to hold a colicky baby while out at the park for those few minutes, and all those other little things that you do that make a BIG difference in our lives.

    Congrats on turning the BIG 30 enjoy these years and all the years ahead!


    By Veronica on 2007 08 20

  16. Happy Happy Michelle!

    By Margaret on 2007 08 20

  17. Happy day to you!

    By ELF on 2007 08 20

  18. Happy Birthday Michelle!

    By thebeanblog on 2007 08 20

  19. Happy birthday Michelle!!!! (belated)

    By Marie on 2007 08 21

  20. Happy Belated Birthday Michelle!!

    By Siri on 2007 08 21