Sometimes being right all the time gets old. Sordda.

Aug 21, 2005

So, just now, as in ten minutes ago, I’m standing outside with Mr. Flinger looking at the new shrubs we got for the backyard to keep the dogs from digging right by the house. We’re putting up a cute little fence and filling in holes. I hear something. “waa Waaa waa waa waaaaah.” (Think Charlie Brown’s Teacher)  I say, “what’s that?” Mr. Flinger turns down the radio so we can listen. We hear it again, “Put your hands up and come out of the house unarmed.” OH. MY GAWD. There is a sting in the house behind us.



  1. i don’t understand needing a chart or a graph when the SWAT is there busting caps in your esteemed neighbors arses. Get the hell out of dodge already.

    By texasbelle on 2005 08 22

  2. LMAO - I am SO like you! Yeah the whole pu tmy mind to something and I want it NOW type of thing, that is totally me. G needs his spreadsheets and ‘work the numbers’ (even though he does it wrong and I need to fix it for him, but that is another story!).

    Tell MF it’s time to move to MN! We only have that about 1 a year and it’s on national news… hahaha

    By Nicole on 2005 08 22

  3. Did we ALL marry the same guy, or what? Seriously… it’s scary.

    By Erin on 2005 08 22

  4. well I am so happy the finally caught that meth ring that has been going on over by you…phew..had me worried for awhile… wink I wonder what was going on over there! It makes me so sad to hear that too, that neighborhood was NEVER like that…*sniff*sniff*

    Well I wish I had some of the planning in Kyle that you have in Bob, Kyle decided we were gonna buy a house, I said no, lets wait and next thing I know, he was looking for one obessively and found one, and I was signing papers! drives me NUTS.

    have fun!

    By Bree on 2005 08 22

  5. Crazy!  Maybe selling SOON is a good idea!

    By Amy_M on 2005 08 22

  6. That’s horrible Les!  Move to Seattle.  There’s no crime here!  *snort*

    I love that you started packing!  That’s SO not the Leslie I lived with back in college.  I seem to remember when our house was literally falling apart around us with water cascading through the entire ceiling (due to the fact that our landlord took off our roof right before a huge rainstorm), you did not start packing.  First, you tried entertaining us by reading Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy.  And when that didn’t work, you went to bed…saying the YOU had to get up early in the morning.  Too bad you had a waterfall flowing down your doorway that made it kinda hard to sleep!  Oh what a night…  Good times.  Good times.

    See what getting married and having a baby has done to you.  You’ve gotten all grown up on me!

    tongue laugh

    By Paige (CoraBelle) on 2005 08 22

  7. Oh my gosh that is so white trashy. But super funny LOL. We had a meth lab busted up next door to a duplex I once lived in. I wondered what that smell was!
    Come move to Utah. There are 4 hours for sale on our street. All of them are way cute, especially this gray one that is like 3 houses down from us. I am trying to talk John into having us move in there. But I will sacrifice for you smile

    By Rachael on 2005 08 22

  8. Ugh! Move now. NOW! So sorry it’s so close to you! Come to the east coast, we have no crime here….hardy har har har!

    By speechjane on 2005 08 23

  9. That is SO scary!  My son goes to preschool on the “wrong side of town”, and I TRY to give them the benefit of the doubt.  Honestly, I try.  But when the news reports two drive by shootings within a mile of his school, in the same month (during broad DAYLIGHT!)...I tend to freak out, claiming my son will never step foot in that school again!  (he’s been going since January, and I continue to take him)  But I understand.  I do.

    By Little Miss on 2005 08 24