Sometims Parenting Does Come With A Manual

Nov 19, 2008

#Life#Mother F.U.C.K.E.R.

For a few weeks now The Little Man O screams in the car. We’re talking ear-piercing, high decibal, painfully loud, “taking others down with me” screaming.

I’m sure you can imagine.

It finally hit me last night. The car seat! Oh Mah GAWD, it’s the Car Seat.

I looked back at him pulling at the straps screaming. I went through my memories of him somehow managing to squirm out of those same straps, of him standing on the seat as I drove down the highway, and of him arching his back in defiance, which I thought was purely that, definace, when I placed him in the car.

Until I remembered the manual for the seat. Maybe it was page 12 or something but it said (and I paraphrase):



So today I pulled that little magic lever and VIOLA! Behold! The bucket seat transformed in to the properly adjusted forward facing seat it was intended to be.

And all was well.

Life's manual

Today’s Parenting Tip Filed Under “read the fucking manual.”
You’re welcome.


  1. We have RTFM moments all to frequently at our casa.

    By Fear & Parenting in Las Vegas on 2008 11 19

  2. I would not have ever even thought to look at the manual.  You are actually brilliant for still having the manual and knowing where to find it and
    to even go to the manual.
    I would have went out and bought a new carseat and cursed about the old one to everyone I knew.

    By Laura on 2008 11 19

  3. *ahem*

    did that today thankyouverymuch

    you are not alone.


    By Rachel, A southern Fairytale on 2008 11 20

  4. Read the manual?  There’s a manual???

    By Susan on 2008 11 20

  5. Thank God the instruction was in English.

    By patois on 2008 11 20

  6. Don’t you hate it when that happens?

    By Lanna on 2008 11 24