Sticky Notes

Apr 18, 2011

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I have these sticky notes. They line my computer background, they clutter my virtual desktop, the travel in my portable office. They are text files I keep open to remind myself of my goals, todo lists, small notes. I have one that I keep open nearly all day, every day. It is titled, “People I want to emulate.” 

On this text file I keep a very short list of people I admire and dare to imitate. It’s like my own version of the, “What Would Jesus Do” bracelet.

What would Amanda say to this quest I’m on?

Would Scott Berkun forget to submit a speaking proposal?

I bet Emily Lewis would take the time to code this correctly, without shortcuts.

I’m sure Jenn wouldn’t let her Unicorn be snuffed by a little late-spring hail.

These are the people that keep me in check. They may or may not even know how often I think about their strength, their wisdom, their spirit. They are leaders by example and in ASCHII all day to someone striving to find her own space, to be her own person, one that someone else might list on a sticky note one day. Perhaps one day I’ll have someone who will want to be like me.

Maybe even my daughter.

Me and LB


  1. Phew, needed this today.

    By amanda on 2011 04 18

  2. I love this idea, I’m totally going to steal it wink

    And you will absolutely be on my list!

    By Sandi on 2011 04 18

  3. Leslie, I hope one day we live close to each other and we can have a book club. Here is a start to some of our discussion topics: http://www.unicornsunited.com/PAGE4.HTM


    By Jenn Lukas on 2011 04 19

  4. Oh, how you make me sigh (in a good way!)

    By Liz on 2011 04 20

  5. Curiously, I don’t think you should emulate anyone!

    Everyone is unique, an individual, and you should seek to the best ‘you’ that you can be (not someone else).    Amanda, Scott, Emily, and Jenn clearly inspire you, but you shouldn’t strive to be them.

    If other people are inspired by you (such as your daughter or anyone else), it’s for what makes you unique, for what makes you…you (not a clone or hybrid of Amanda/Scott/Emily/Jenn - as cool as that would no doubt be!) wink

    I think you need only one sticky: ‘Be your awesome-self’ ...and the rest follows.

    By Matt Robin on 2011 04 21

  6. For what it’s worth, if I HAD a sticky note fetish at least one of mine would read “Remember to HUG like Leslie.” Because I swear you give the BEST. HUGS. EVAR.

    By Bejewell on 2011 04 21

  7. Heya!  Just spent the last while catching up (I’ve been offline for a not-small chunk of time) and clearly, I’ve missed A LOT.  I can’t believe what a whirlwind you’ve been through - GAH!  Many internet hugs and virtual brownies…

    I’m putting up a post-it with “Flinger:  manage to maintain a shred of sanity and humour despite chaos. Also, get cool apnea mask.” on it.  Emulation to commence in five, four, three… grin

    By CitricSugar on 2011 04 25