Jun 30, 2008


This week will be heavy on the photos. It’s not that there aren’t wonderful stories of laughing, singing, and drinking to go along with them, it’s that there is so much laughing, drinking and singing going on that I can’t write them.

Not yet anyway.

So join me in what is sure to become “PHOTOBLOG WEEK 2008” among the blogosphere. Or at least in Flingerville.


Summer is backyard BBQ’s and Karaoke and Beer and Friends.

Some days, all at the same time.


  1. I would add poker and rock band to that list with a glass of wine…perfect.

    By HRH on 2008 07 01

  2. Is that thing mounted next to your door?? How awesome is that?!? I totally need me one of those for the hubby and his fave beer collection…lol.

    By Vicki on 2008 07 01

  3. To Vicki: Those wall mounted bottle openers are so fun and they make a wonderful housewarming gift or host gift if you are invited to a summer BBQ.  We give them all the time.  They even sell bottle cap catchers (stainless steel “boxes” with an open top that you mount directly under the opener that catch the caps that drop in after the bottles are opened). 
    Here are the ones that we buy all the time.  You can order them online (they come in a variety of colors and themes) or go to your local restaurant supply store.

    By Michelle on 2008 07 01

  4. Wow. That looks tasty!! Our summers are all about boating and grillin’

    By shannanb aka MommyBits on 2008 07 01