The Precipice

Jul 11, 2011

#Life#Working Mom

Life is a mindset. Life can get in the way of living if you let it. Practicality. Reality. Analysis. Risk.

I do not sit idle well. Beyond what I assume would qualify me for major intervention in a public school system possibly including tranquilizers, I pursue ideals the way children pursue sugar highs. I crave them. At times it can be annoying, I’m sure. “Oh! LOOK! I have the opportunity to [go] [see] [do] this [thing] [place] [job]!” Sometimes I annoy my self with my own enthusiasm. The bubble, it rises quickly and pops easily.

There are risks in life beyond measure. Deciding to return to graduate school, to take that perfect seeming job, to raise children with your spouse; these are beyond resources the mind can grasp. Sleepiness, fear, failure. Real consequences to ideals that each begin as an enthusiastic mind-set.

But the precipise does not come once a lifetime. As you stagger through the rocky terrain of aging, stumbling, climbing, learning, the road twists back upon itself and forces decisions at each turn. Do you jump or do you side step?

I? I jump. And I don’t look back.

My Risk


  1. But you jump equipped. Strength, courage, spirit and a willingness to do whatever it might take, often coming up with something no one else had ever thought of.


    By Amanda on 2011 07 11

  2. I too often feel that my ideals spontaneously diverge: one day I fantasize about reentering my former career, the next about baking home made bagels—and then I get down about all the things that are not getting done. Thank you for reminding me that: I am not alone!

    By Kerri Ulloa on 2011 07 20

  3. testing

    By Leslie Flinger on 2011 07 27

  4. Wow, you jumped! I so want to jump. I will come by more often (sorry I have been absent from the blogosphere for a while) and see how things are going. Maybe you can inspired me smile

    By Chantal on 2011 08 04