The 25th hour

May 01, 2007


Damn that blog karma. Naturally, you make a large, sweeping claim like “haven’t been to the ER this pregnancy..” and VIOLA! Contractions started at 4:30 today and haven’t stopped. I’m feeling like general dog shit and expecting to see a face looking up from my cooch every time I go potty.

Five weeks and three days left.

I think I’m done.


  1. Are they regular?  Are you going in?  Are they Braxton Hicks?  Are my questions annoying you?

    By Friglet on 2007 05 01

  2. Once upon a time (last year) my ever-so-annoying dr. said to me as I complained about the same problem:

    “sweetheart [gag] you have what I call second baby syndrome…everything happens earlier and worse than it felt before”

    I can’t tell you how much that pissed me off when he said that, but I do think there was a little bit of truth to it.  If he had just said hey, you’ve been through this before, you know what “it” feels like, and you’re more in tune with how your body feels, I could have taken it a LOT better! 

    I hope this is the case for you!  It’s still too early for you to go!  I’m thinking about you, girlie…

    By Charla on 2007 05 01

  3. keep us posted.

    By Domestic Diva on 2007 05 02

  4. Eeek.  Hope everything is okay!

    By sarahgrace on 2007 05 02

  5. Sending good vibes your way.

    By mdvelazquez on 2007 05 02

  6. Don’t you dare give birth before me, you cheater!

    By Swistle on 2007 05 02

  7. Umm excuse me but what the hell is going on?  Are you holding your sweet boy right now????????

    By Brandi on 2007 05 02

  8. I hope all is okay!

    By Holly on 2007 05 02

  9. I hope you’re well! Keep us posted. I’m thinking of you and little CB.

    By Colleen on 2007 05 02

  10. Oh my goodness!  Keep us posted.  No, really, if you have to rush to the ER to delivery this baby, don’t you dare forget your laptop!  And when the doctor says push, say “yea, I’m gonna have to hold off on that for a minute cause I gotta let my fellow interneters know what’s going on.”

    By Emily on 2007 05 02

  11. oh goodness! i just spit water when i read “see a head looking up from the cooch!” you kill me! hope you feel better.

    By Mrs. M on 2007 05 02

  12. I’ll be anxiously waiting on the edge of my seat for news!  You and that baby boy are in my prayers.

    By sleeping mommy on 2007 05 02

  13. Yikes! Damn Karma.

    By Renee on 2007 05 02

  14. You had sex, didn’t you? Makes the contractions happen for me EVERY. SINGLE. TiME. wink

    In all seriousness though, please keep us poated! Sending some prayers your way just in case they are not coital contractions. wink

    By Erin on 2007 05 02

  15. We’re thinking of you! I had Declan 8 weeks early, so if this is the real deal - hopefully it will be a breeze!

    By aimee/greeblemonkey on 2007 05 02

  16. Oh my heavens!  Your way with words just cracks me up! 

    And your answer to Erin’s question would be…?

    By snarflemarfle on 2007 05 02

  17. Where are you?

    By mdvelazquez on 2007 05 02

  18. Thinking of you!

    By Marjorie on 2007 05 02

  19. Well crap woman, I hope you schooled Mr. Flinger on how to blog, we need updates! Too bad LB is too young for blogging, that would be some good reading. We are sending you much love from Oregon.

    By Emily on 2007 05 02

  20. *refresh refresh refresh*

    I hope everything is ok!

    *refresh refresh*

    but maybe you are just too busy kissing a new baby?

    *refresh refresh*

    keep us updated!

    By Andy on 2007 05 02