The Birth Of A Great Idea- Mom Bloggers Run in SF in May 2010

Dec 28, 2009

Twitter is known for being the place of ideas. And if it’s not then it should be. The Following is a run down of how I committed, and drug a few other mom bloggers in with me, to run a 5K in San Francisco in May.






So here we are… running a 5K in San Fran in May. I like the sound of that.

Now we just have to find a race.

And train.

And somehow I feel more empowered because as a community, we spur each other forward. And I kinda dig that.


So if you’re wanting to join us, please do. You can never have enough virtual running partners. Even if, and I hear you, you haven’t run in “some time” or “my uterus jiggles as I jog” or “are you shitting me” is your excuse, I have the solution.

The Couch to Five K. Otherwise known as “that time I got off my ass and started jogging.”


What started as a goal for one man has become a revolution for many. I have a history of running, of doing road races and cross country races, and track meets. But my body has changed and I’ve aged and things move in places that use to be static. It’s a part of my history, not my present, which is why I’m employing my iPod to help, along with a band of ladies with a similar story.

Enter: The App.


With a way to control music, voice commands on when to run and when to walk and a way to update facebook, it’s my new best training love. (And no, I wasn’t paid a thing to say that. In face, I paid for my app and virtually humped it repeatedly after that so I guess you can say it’s my beesh?)

If you choose to join us, please let me know. Our list is growing, happily, and soon mom bloggers will be taking over the roads of San Francisco with a fresh attitude, fresh bodies, and a fresh reason to gather together.


  1. I have had this app for a couple of months.  Have I used it? Ugh. No.  But I WANT to!  And I WANT to come do the 5k in SF…. Monterey way is only 90 minutes form the City! smile

    By Christine McGee on 2009 12 28

  2. I.AM.SO.IN.


    By Sarcastic Mom / Lotus on 2009 12 29

  3. Do you have room for walkers? And non-moms? Check the Dolphin South End Runners website for races - there should be a few 5Ks and 10Ks leading up to Bay to Breakers on 5/16.

    By Clair on 2009 12 29

  4. I’m hoping to do the bay to breakers. 
    now i just need to get off my a$$

    By kim on 2009 12 30

  5. This is tempting. Especially since San Fran is only an hour flight.

    BUT, I’m still only able to run 1.5 miles- so… maybe not?

    How cool for all of you, though!

    By Y on 2009 12 30

  6. Fuck!  Y’all are so inspiring and shit!  Ok, fine!  I’ll do it!  But only because if I don’t drop some inches I’ll be an even fatter bride than the first time around.  and this is my last wedding ever dammit!  So, count me in! I may even force my man to do it too!

    By laprimera on 2009 12 30

  7. That’s it, Laprimera, give in to the peer pressure. GIVE INNN TO THE PEEEERRRR PRESSURE.

    And Y, dude, you can TO-TALLY do it, babe. Couch to 5K. Walk/Jog the whole time and get a tee-shirt and a sense of total awesomeness empowerment.

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2009 12 30

  8. Woo Hoo!! I was so worried this was gonna be one of those things that was just exciting for a few tweets and then poof… nothing.

    But here it is! For all the world to see! Our commitment!!

    I’m so excited!

    And I love exclamation points!!!

    By Sugar Jones on 2009 12 30

  9. I’m in. I downloaded this app on January 1st and I am ready to get started!

    By Karin on 2010 01 04

  10. ooh, ooh, I want to come. I’ll even run. My neighbors and I are training for the half rock-n-roll marathon that is in June so it will good practice…

    By tricia Honea on 2010 01 05