The Blogroll’s death and resurrection. I guess you can say, my blogroll has a Jesus-ish quality.

Jan 02, 2011


Blogrolls are IN. Blogrolls are contervesial! They’re outdated! YOU SUCK ‘cause I’M NOT LISTED.

List me and I’ll list you?


I took my blogroll down several versions of design ago. I knew it was outdated. I knew some of my blogger friends moved to facebook only or ditched the online world completely. But I have to confess, I often forget to click and read, even for a minute, without your shiny faces, avatars, logos, whatever, over there smiling at me.

And yes, it’s out of date. I took out a few links that were so old the internet declared them rusty. And I don’t have some of my favorite people on there like Not a girl, not yet a wino and Mr. Lady and Overflowing brain and Momma’s Gone City and Child’s Play X2 and Sesame Ellis and Blythe and Sizzle Says or The Spohrs are Multiplying. No, I’ll have to download some avatars and update that space with those URLs soon.

But I’m curious: In 2011, in the age of “THE BLOG IS OUT DATED”, are blogrolls even more dead? If blogs are “mostly dead”? Or, maybe, will the pendulum come swinging back around to the time of friends promoting great writers they’re privileged to bond with and share ideas with?

Or am I the only lazy bastard that needs a stepping point to launch myself in to the world that I love from my own space here and follow the path around the web that links from one great place to another?


  1. I love blogrolls. Particularly for food blogs, and most particularly allergy-type food blogs. Most people with blogs do not make them SEO’ed (is that a word?), so the blogroll is a great way to discover new content that is otherwise completely hidden from a Google search.

    You definitely ignore my existence in cyberspace now that your blogroll is gone. wink

    By Laura on 2011 01 02

  2. My blogroll went because I just couldn’t keep it up to date.
    And it got REALLY long.
    I read everything through reader subscriptions now.

    By Colleen on 2011 01 02

  3. I got deleted off a bunch of blogrolls when I lazily did not update my blog.


    By ozma on 2011 01 02

  4. I haven’t had a blogroll in ages. I feel bad about it, but I think I am too far behind to start up again. So I have a google reader widget on my sidebar and I share good posts all the time. Hopefully that’s good enough.

    By Annika on 2011 01 02

  5. Every once in a while I shout out on Twitter with a link to my blogroll asking if anyone is missing, giving them a chance to let me know. Ha.

    I love my blogroll.

    By Mishi on 2011 01 02

  6. I love this subject. Personally, I love when sites have a blogroll because I often find great new blogs to read that way. I took mine down when I migrated my site, meaning to re-create it from scratch with up to date links. That was six months ago. But! You have inspired me, Mrs. Flinger.

    By Rima on 2011 01 02

  7. See? You’re the PERFECT example, Rima. I still have your old blogspot address on my roll. AND I don’t have MISHI on it even though I have her in my feedreader. And Laura I just type in myself.

    This is why this is a controversy. Just ‘cause your’e not here doesn’t mean I don’t read you.

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2011 01 02

  8. “Or am I the only lazy bastard that needs a stepping point to launch myself in to the world that I love from my own space here and follow the path around the web that links from one great place to another?”

    Definitely not. I have maintained and used my blogroll from the beginning for that very purpose. I (gasp!) don’t use a feed reader (I honestly can’t stand them), and so I either manually enter URLs, click over from Twitter when someone has something they are excitedly sharing there, or use my links page on my own site to check in with all my favorite reads.

    I also think there is something inherently awesome about showcasing those writers and friends you love to love, be it via a blogroll or some other avenue.

    By Kerri Anne on 2011 01 02

  9. I’ve been meaning to reinstate my blogroll for…what day is it?...about FOUR YEARS. I don’t use a feed reader either, so even though I think having a blogroll would be helpful, it just seems SO overwhelming. You have given me hope, though. A well-curated blogroll is a beautiful (and valuable) thing.

    By agirlandaboy on 2011 01 02

  10. I have one, I like them. It shares the love. And yes, I missing people and they get outdated. You do your best.

    By Aimee Giese | Greeblemonkey on 2011 01 02

  11. I hang onto my blogroll, and I even update every now and then…but I use Google Reader for all my blog reading.  Actually, one of the things I like about Blogger is that I can import the blogs I subscribe to directly into my blogroll (and can edit which ones actually stay on it).

    I dunno, I like the ol’ blogroll.  As a reader, I like seeing who/what my favorite bloggers are reading.  Kind of like, “Well, I like YOUR writing, so you must like that person for a good reason.”  And it’s fun when you see you are reading some of the same ones.

    I will say that I don’t troll other people’s blogrolls hoping to see my name pop up or anything, so I’m not interested in the…popularity contest of it at all.  Nor would I ever in a million years assume that because someone is on mine, that I should be on theirs.

    By Jen on 2011 01 03

  12. I don’t think they’re dead.
    What I do instead is have a tab that posts my shared items from google reader.  I figure that way it is mos’ def’ up to date.

    By Jenny (Grace) on 2011 01 03

  13. I just made a new blogroll when I moved my blog. And you’re on it:

    By Suebob on 2011 01 03

  14. Awe, yey! That’s so flattering. smile I was going to tell y’all that I think of these blogrolls as more of a “starting” point, yaknow? Like I know if I click on Whoorl, I’ll find Heather B. And if I go to Sizzle, I’ll find Kerri Anne and Rhi. Lotus takes me to Mishi and Maria Mele to Sundry. So I sorta represent here places I launch in to.

    Of course, it’s horribly out of date and in need of more shiny faces. ......

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2011 01 03

  15. I LOVE blogrolls.  And sadly, I think my blogroll page gets almost as many hits as my main page.  I’m okay with that because I love all the people on it.

    By Overflowing Brain (Katie) on 2011 01 04

  16. Am old skool.  (or is it technologically impaired?)  I have a blogroll that I currently use.  And hey, you’re on it!

    By Sarahviz on 2011 01 05

  17. For the record, I am a HUGE fan of blogrolls.  But only when I’m on them.  If I am not on them, I am against them. 

    You’re awesome. XOXOXO

    By Bejewell (BLYTHE) on 2011 01 06

  18. I have one but it’s mostly because I’m lazy.  I hate subscriptions and feeds so I use my blogroll to list those people I want to visit on every new post (though I haven’t actually been able to read the last two and a half months.  I know how desperately you missed my whimsy and sarcasm…).  It’s entirely selfish on my part and I never feel bad when someone doesn’t list me.  There are more blogs than you can dream of in your philosophy, Flinger…  Blogrolls are no place to take things personally.  Plus, I’ve found a great many reads while drafting off other peoples rolls.

    By CitricSugar on 2011 01 06

  19. Oh but I DID miss you, Citric! I’m glad you’re back. Whimsy and sarcasm are welcomed. XO

    By Mrs. Flinger on 2011 01 06

  20. Yes, I’ve got a page accessible from my navigation bar (ooooh, baby) and have been imbibing in some linky love since 2003.  But, it’s more like my pulling back the current and showing you where I keep the good stuff wink

    By Liz @thisfullhouse on 2011 01 06