The day I Knew You’d Be Mah Baby Daddy

Feb 17, 2009

#The Liberal Years

You already know this. I’ve said it at least a dozen times. But this is for our children and our grandchildren. One day they will ask the question, “How did you know he was ‘The Right One’?” I will point to this section of our memoirs and say, “Here.”

Kids? listen up.

I’m sure I’ve told you the history of us. How your dad and I dated in High School as insecure young people. I’m sure the love we had in our hearts was real but the maturity of that love was years and years away. My bad poetry and his creative cards are only a snippet of what we would become. Who we really were.

Where we are today.

It wasn’t the six years we spent apart as best friends, or the hour-long phone conversations nearly every night while I lived in Texas that year, or the six plane tickets I purchased to come visit your Dad before we began dating again. It wasn’t the fact that he is the only person I can spend seven days in a row with and still want to be around. 

No, it was that time we went roller-blading with your cousin Danielle. That day I knew I’d marry him and have his babies.


Danielle was probably 8 at the time.  (The same age your Aunt Kim was when he would give her piggy back rides while waiting for me to be ready for our date in High School.) I was living with your Great Aunt and Uncle while looking for an apartment in Portland, having recently moved back from Texas to be closer to your dad. We took Danielle to the park down the street to let her roller-blade with us. She was so excited, she made your dad a necklace. It was too tight and had a lovely purple star right in the middle that stuck out of his neck nearly choking him. But he wore it all day.


It was while I watched your dad take my cousin around the park on her roller-blades, that star sticking right out of his neck that I knew: I would have his babies. I would have children with this man, my best friend, and one day he would wear the necklace our daughter put on him.

And I was right.



  1. Omigod you’re killing me. This is so sweet. And so inspirational. xo

    By syd on 2009 02 17

  2. AWWWW!!  That is so sweet!  Love it.

    By Rachel - A Southern Fairytale on 2009 02 17

  3. This is such a great story! So incredibly sweet! Thank you for sharing it. grin

    By Heather on 2009 02 17

  4. What a nice post! Sounds like a keeper wink

    By Carrie on 2009 02 17

  5. What a wonderful story!

    By TexasRed on 2009 02 17

  6. Aw. You got some good lovin this weekend!

    By Dawn on 2009 02 17

  7. This is a great post =)  How sweet.  I wish I could remember the moment I “knew” about my husband as clearly as you remember this!

    By Sarah on 2009 02 17

  8. This is a great post =)  How sweet.  I wish I could remember the moment I “knew” about my husband as clearly as you remember this!

    By Sarah on 2009 02 17

  9. Love. This.

    By Susannah aka Petunia Face on 2009 02 17

  10. *giggle*  Awesome, totally sweet.  great story!  :D

    By Al_Pal on 2009 02 17

  11. LOVE IT! Awesome story and any man who wears a necklace and runs the risk of being choked is definitely a keeper

    By Sammanthia on 2009 02 17

  12. I hope it is okay that I have a wee crush on him right now.

    By MariaV on 2009 02 18

  13. How sweet.  And I love his UW sweatshirt.  Anyone sporting husky gear is a gem in my book.

    By kirida on 2009 02 18

  14. How do those tough, no-nonsense men become such putty in our daughters hands?  And isn’t it wonderful that they do?

    By Susan on 2009 02 18

  15. Awwwwww.  That’s SO sweet!

    By Amy@MilkBreath on 2009 02 18

  16. Am tearing up! So sweet! I dated my hubby, we brokeupnutstayedbestfriends and gotbacktogetheryearslater ALSO. smile

    By Jenny from Mommin' It Up! on 2009 02 19

  17. AWWW babe. that’s really sweet. I love that you and Bob got married. I love that I remember hanging out in our first house in wash. I remember telling all my friends how cool my sister was because she had a “boyfriend”. I remember going on trips to Top Foods and talking about him. I remember yelling at him one day on the phone because he had made you cry. I was SOOO upset over that. lol.

    I love that your with him because he is your other half. You two are perfect together in everyway. Including making beautiful children.

    By SISTER FLINGER on 2009 02 21

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  19. awwww, this one totally had me all choked up.

    By Jessica on 2009 02 25

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