The Laundry Fairy Quit Last Week

Jun 28, 2006

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Mr. Flinger and I don’t argue about much and when we do it’s usually nit-picky crap like the dishes or the finances or the child’s napping schedule. However, as of late, we’ve been arguing, quite intensely, over the laundry.

Now that I’m home with LB full time, I understand that I would have more time to do laundry than he would. I also understand there is an unspoken rule that the person home all day should clean up, do the dishes and laundry and take care of the bills. It’s nothing we’ve stated as fact, I just think it probably makes more sense. However, when you begin telling me you don’t like the way I do the dishes, pick up, do the laundry or pay the bills, don’t be surprised when I stop.

See, I don’t iron. I actually think I own an iron, somewhere, but I’ve ironed a total of six shirts in ten years. I just don’t do it. There’s this wonderful method I like to call “dewrinkle while you blog” and it involves a small wet towel and the dryer. I figure it’s good enough for dry cleaning, it’s good enough for me. So usually after I leave the laundry in the dryer too long, I’ll just put it on the dewrinkle cycle and get ten extra minutes before I have to fold it all.

With a child, things get muddled. I barely remember to bring my keys most places let alone when the dryer should be finished. And those times that I do remember when it’s done, I’m often pulled into other directions by, say, our child running into on coming traffic or lunging herself off the fireplace. So see, it’s not just that I’m stupid, it’s that I have a toddler. Maybe it’s one and the same. Having a toddler does eat away at my brain cells. So when Mr. Flinger comes home and his pants are wrinkly and in the dryer? He looses it. I have no clue why, but he looses it. We’ve had this discussion a total of four million times about the dryer and getting the clothes out right away. It pisses me off every time just as much as it pisses him off. It’s dumb, but we get flaming mad at each other.

Last week, after I did three loads of laundry and PROMPTLY took them out of the dryer, LB and I met Mr. Flinger at the puddle park after work. The dryer was working on the last load of the day and had about thirty minutes left to go when we took off. We got home, fed LB as a family and went to put her down. Mr. Flinger looked in the dryer for some blanket for LB and just flipped his top about his pants. I started crying. LB didn’t know what the hell was going on. I mean, looksy, the dryer was going and we met you at the park. I seriously lost it there, folks. You would’ve done the same. I know you would. See? I’m not alone here.

This week I was doing laundry and just happened to know I won’t get to the dryer in time to do his shirts. I left them in the hamper. I also know there is never a really good time that I can get to his clothing as promptly as he’d like me to. And, as it turns out, our laundry fairy quit last week so it’s just me and Mr. flinger left to do the dirty work.

We’ll see how this goes. Something tells me Mr. Flinger will be doing laundry in about two weeks when all of his clothes are dirty. Didn’t he learn never to piss off the wifey?


  1. Woohoo! So I am not alone!

    The worst part for me is that like you and Mr. Flinger, we rarely fight… and when we do it is 99.999% of the time related to cleaning in some fashion.

    We don’t even have kids yet, so I just can’t begin to imagine how a baby will tip the already not balanced balance. However, like you, I’m home all day (well, we’re both home, but he’s working 11 hours a day). I’ve been in school or not working most of our “living together” relationship. It seems when I worked it wasn’t like this… we shared tasks. And like you said, it just seems sensible that I should do this crap. I am home (for now).

    I need a job and a cleaning service, pronto. Of course, then my marriage will truly be perfect and maybe that would be bad… nah, he’ll still piss me off from time to time. It’s inevitable.

    By Maeander on 2006 06 28

  2. The last time I ironed a shirt for my husband was when I was making him a hip, homemade t-shirt and had to stick the fuzzy letters on. lol.

    Luckily Captain Underpants doesn’t have to dress (up) for work, so this is a moot point. I make sure that any dressier pants or button down shirts that I buy him (I buy all his clothes; he hates shopping) are that nifty wrinkle resistant fabric. It’s truly worth the extra money to me!

    By Laura on 2006 06 28

  3. yeah, i totally do not iron either. I wasn’t raised in the 50’s but i think if I had been then maybe I’d iron. too bad for the mister. the wrinkly pants thing cracks me up. Sometimes the pants just get wrinkled. Mine deals with it. He bitches plenty about other things.

    By texasbelle on 2006 06 28

  4. Oh man. My hub does his own laundry. Thank God. He doesn’t like his stuff to go in the dryer (it’s all XL/Tall stuff), because it may shrink… God knows I’ve accidentally washed/dried & shrunk a t-shirt or two of his!!

    You deserve a badge, Leslie!  We all have our buttons, for sure!!!

    By Marie on 2006 06 28

  5. I wash it.  I dry it. I hang it up and put it in the closet.  If he wants it nicely pressed, the preppy can do it himself.

    Nonsense fights are the bane of my marriage as well.  And we laugh about it later, too.

    By Sitting Still on 2006 06 28

  6. Well, maybe Mr. Flinger’ll start doing his own laundry.  smile  Works out great for us, and it’s an awesome deal for dh.  He does his 3-4 loads of laundry every 2-3 weeks.  He does his own ironing, too.  I do diapers, towels, sheets, kitchen stuff, blankets, and mine and kids clothes a lot more often.  Of course, I don’t trust dh with my clothes, but still.

    By lanna on 2006 06 28

  7. Yeah, my hubby took over laundry duty when I kept forgetting to switch it from the washer to the dryer.  By forgetting I mean three days later I would remember that I had clothes in the washer.  After I did that so much that we were having to buy new clothes every month, he was forced into it. Now, since he hates to iron and I’m not allowed to touch one since I melted the carpet with one, we invested in that Downey Wrinkle Remover stuff.  I worship that little bottle of magic!

    By jessie on 2006 06 28

  8. Oh, and when I say I would forget, well, not really.  It started out as being absent minded, but then, I just got tired of being the keeper of the clothes and fighting over it, and it was a sure fire way to get him to do it.  AND get a new wardrobe that I had been wanting.  I know, there’s something wrong with me.

    By jessie on 2006 06 28

  9. Until May I hadn’t ironed in years. I had to iron the “wrinkle-free” shirt I bought for a job interview!

    By JC on 2006 06 29

  10. I think my ex shrank a few pairs of my pants on purpose so I would tell him to stay away from the laundry.

    Jay and I just dry all work stuff to damp and then hang it up, the weight of the dampness in the clothes pulls out all the wrinkles.  So by the time its dry its also wrinkle free.

    By sara on 2006 06 29

  11. Wow, I’m REALLY not alone! I should print this out and let my husband read it… heh.

    By Maeander on 2006 06 29

  12. We split laundry here, mostly because hubs has so damn much!  He usually washes Chase’s with his, and I’ll do Claire’s because it has to be stain treated so much.  This arrangement comes from several strangly similar episodes to what you just described.

    By Charla on 2006 06 29

  13. Hubby doing own laundry!?  Ironing?!  I do ALL the laundry, but refuse to iron DH’s dress shirts.  The cleaners has this great service called laundering (not drycleaning) where shirts are cleaned and pressed and it’s not that expensive.  So we find other stuff to fight about besides laundry! smile

    By Amy on 2006 06 29

  14. Oh Lord I am so all over this. Or NOT as it were. For a couple weeks Dan hinted…“Somethings going on with the dryer/washer - my clothes seem to be coming out more wrinkly.” Then after I failed to take bait, he blew up at me and I told him to go to the dry cleaner. I’m NOT IRONING a la June Cleaver for God’s sake. Anyway he dropped it and now wears the least offensive shirts and pants. Suck it up dude or do your own.

    By Susie on 2006 06 29

  15. This is our biggest “stupid” fight that we have regularly.  But ours is that I do not put his laundry away for him.  My response being, “Are your arms broken?”
    I am doing the washing, drying and folding of laundry for six people which ends up being two and sometimes three loads a day or it gets behind.  I am putting away in closets and drawers the clothing of FIVE of those people if I care to include myself in that as I usually run out of hours in the day doing the kids’ stuff before I even do mine.  And he has the gall to get pissy with his neatly folded pile waiting for him to put it away?  Then, if he’s really wanting to be a dick I get either “my mom puts my dad’s laundry away” or “what did you do all day?” which, you know, either of those reponses really chaps my ass.
    And, don’t get me wrong, he does more stuff around the house than most of my friends’ hubby’s, but seems to have this thing in his craw about putting away the laundry.  I’m not doing it, and he’s gotten used to it by now but he still has to bitch every so often just to be an idiot.
    I don’t iron either.  He was in the military and therefore, likes his pants and shirts with so much starch they stand up by themselves, so I have the cleaners press all his things.  Easier to pay for it to get done!  Now, if they’d only come over and put his shit away!

    By Sonia on 2006 07 01