The post that keeps on postin’  *Now complete with commentary and blogger’s remorse

Jul 15, 2007

Time: July 15th 8:10pm

I honestly have no idea how people with two small kids blog. I’m not sure who LB is more jealous of, the computer or her new brother. Either way, any time I try to sit down and write something, let alone something remotely fun or spunky, her little world has some crisis and her brother magically starts screaming. It’s uncanny.

For the last eight weeks I’ve been posting in stages. Stage 1: Make up the title and click “Save Draft”. Walk away from computer to fix meltdown. Stage two: Write something and click Save Draft repeatedly in between a myriad of feeding/helping/entertaining/soothing. This stage could take hours or days. Stage three: edit and scan for punctuation and spelling. (I usually skip stage three these days.) Stage four: hit publish, have no time to actually respond to comments even though I read them, laugh or nod or want to say something oh-so-much like how much I heart you.  Start process all over again.

So tomorrow, Monday, July 16th, I’m going to skip the “draft” save and hit publish every time so you’ll see this post get longer and more complete all day. I’m going to stop mid-sentence, hit publish, and time stamp each attempt at completing one entire post. So come back often, y’all. You’ll watch the post unfold before your very eyes. (ooohhh! ahhhhh! Where’s the popcorn?) I know. It’s earth shatteringly thrilling. Trust me.

time: july 16th 8:30am. typing 1 handed for this leg of post

The title of the reality post is something like “I’m an a$$” or “The unexpected roll of motherhood”. I can only say a$$ because I want to be able to check the box on the blogher ad network that says I don’t cuss. I’m turning over a new leaf here, to be more family friendly. I’ll see if I can do it.

LB interruption #1

9:28 AM

There are parts of motherhood you can expect and parts that you can’t. I expected to be tired. I expected to change diapers and kiss booboos and make dinners. I knew I’d hear the words, “I wuv you mommy” one day and I knew that would make my heart combust.  What I didn’t realize, was my new roll as the mama-a$$. Or, rather, the family donkey.

Picture to come on the next leg… LB interruption #2

Insert Playdate where I actually get both kids out of the house


OH MY GOD I’m boring the crap out of myself. This is why there is a Save Draft button, people. Because live blogging is NOT suspensful OR thrilling. It’s boring as hell. “I picked out the GREEN straw for LB’s milk today! BLAH BLAH BLAHBORRIINNGGBLAHBLAHBLAH Because for real? Having two kids? While I try to make it sound fun! and interesting! and oh-so-exciting with non-stop action! It’s really just “LB, don’t sit on your brother,” “How long has it been since he’s eaten?” “Should we go to the grocery store today or tomorrow?”

My brain is going to implode from the sheer excitement of it all.

So, instead of the post I was GOING to write, which turns out isn’t worth its weight in dry dog poop, let’s talk about when you find the time to blog. And if that’s not fun and inspiring, tell me how you manage the load o’ crap two kids requires. Because THAT was my whole point to this long-winded “why don’t you just MAKE YOUR POINT ALREADY” post. I feel like an ass. I mean, really.

Heehaaaawwwww Heeehaaaawwww


  1. Heh.  Yeah, I’ve always been too lazy to worry about editing what I post.  I just post it, then think of something later, then post that…  It goes on almost endlessly.  I finally adapted using red brackets around the parts I was adding, so people could find my changes easily.  I use ExpressionEngine Core, and am able to make special buttons for myself for that purpose.  One button is something like < b>< font color=“red”>Updated!< /font>< /b>, and the other uses that sort of formatting only with the brackets tacked on.  Life got much easier after I made those buttons for myself.  Your blog makes me think of an EE based blog.  Is it?

    Anywho, I’m sorry CB caught LB’s cold.  I’m glad you’re good parents and took him to the hospital.  It’s great that LB loves him so much!  Way to go LB!

    By Caroline on 2007 07 15

  2. Wait till both of them try to use your computer.  Oh, that’s fun.
    My oldest renamed three icons on my desktop and some other random file before I caught him long ago.  Little one’s trying to do the same thing now.

    By Lanna on 2007 07 16

  3. I have a teenage daughter and grown son…I am sad to report the blogging interuptions do no decrease with age.  The nature of the demands on your attention another matter.  Now I am paged for food, cash, car keys and laundry drama.

    By Anna on 2007 07 16

  4. I don’t understand how you get anything done. wink

    I will be here for the reality blogging.

    By mdvelazquez on 2007 07 16

  5. Ha ha, that’s what I do all day too…. I update my daily blog at least 4 times in one day!  And I dont have wee ones anymore, I’m just in and out of the house, gym-ing, shopping, painting , housework etc etc…. so much fun I tell ya!  Good luck with the new style of blogging.

    By Chris H on 2007 07 16

  6. That’s how I post sometimes. And those of us with three kids have to post a day in advance ~ I already have Tuesday’s post written and ready to go. I don’t know what people with 4+ kids do (and neither do I care to find out on a personal level!). I swear it’s all about staying just one step ahead ‘cause the moment you falter a bit, the kids have trampled ALL over you!

    By Melissa R Garrett (Little Woolgatherings) on 2007 07 16

  7. tell. me. about. it.

    having kids forces you to plan everything out to painstakingly minute assholish detail.

    By texasbelle on 2007 07 16

  8. This is good. My second is due in about a month and a reality check would be nice! Can’t wait!

    By Amy Jo on 2007 07 16

  9. I love, love, love reality blogging.  Your days and post attempts sound exactly like mine!

    I’ll be back!

    By Jennifer on 2007 07 16

  10. The only way I have time to blog (or comment on blogs)  is when the kiddos are at school or asleep.

    You may very well have to get a part-time job so you can blog on your lunch break. wink

    By Jamie on 2007 07 16

  11. yay…...... I keep refreshing.  And yes you should totally get a job so you can post more - how ethical am I ; )

    By Ashley&Family on 2007 07 16

  12. let’s talk about when you find the time to blog. And if that’s not fun and inspiring, tell me how you manage the load o’ crap two kids requires

    First, I’m amazed you carry around that much stuff for the two kidlets.  Are you walking and being out of the house for a day or three?  Or just throwing it all in the car?

    Because for our 1 hour jaunt to the library and sandwich shop, I had my wallet, keys, pacifier, sling, books to donate and my dozens of request slips (yes, I’m a dork, I fill them out at home when I come across something that I fancy and then drop off the big stack all at once when I actually make it down there).

    Now, for the day long trip to Greenbluff for picking produce I’ll have a diaper bag (the size of a medium to large purse - not the size of a duffel bag), a lunch cooler with snacks and drinks, a stroller, mei tai, and one or two extra diapers per kid just flying around the car.

    Other than that, I continually amaze dh and other family members when I bring in both kids at the same time and half - if not all - of my groceries at the same time with only my two hands.  I’m a little insane.

    By Lanna on 2007 07 16

  13. I know I’ve said it before, but it gets easier.  I swear.  I now keep a bag backs for both - and one seperately for each.  It soudns like a lot but it’s so easy to have a bag for each kid and one for those days I brave being out with both of them.  That’s my tip o’ the day.

    As far as blogging?  During that 8 hour break I get - aka work smile

    By Andy on 2007 07 16

  14. Hmmmm…Well I absolutely suck at blog updating, so I don’t even think I’ll chime in on that. 

    As for hauling stuff?  First I enlist the help of my 5 year old to carry any trivial thing that I can’t hang on myself or on a stroller.  Then, I proceed to hang bags on the stroller handles and stuff bags in the bottom of the stroller.  Then I pick up the tipped over stroller (I’ve got some heavy bags!) in order to actually put my child in it.  Luckily she’s heavy enough to counterbalance the weight of all that stuff!  Usually I’ll strap the baby to my chest in the carrier.  I’m sure to anyone that meets me I look ridiculous, what with children literally dripping off of me, but it’s working for now.  We’re shopping for a double stroller, too.  More stuff!

    By Charla on 2007 07 16

  15. Time to blog?  Well there is no specific time.  It’s whenever I can snatch five to ten minutes here and there.  More often than not its late in the evening when they are all in bed or while they are eating their breakfast or lunch during the day. Also, naptime is good too.

    By the way, who was taking the picture?  It it was Mr. Flinger I think perhaps he should have shouldered some of the stuff.

    By sleeping mommy on 2007 07 16

  16. I’m really falling down on the bloggin job lately! Life is kicking my butt & no time to blog any of it!  Love your reality blogging Leslie!! Lovin the pics of y’all too… such an adorable family. Mwahhh!

    By Marie on 2007 07 16

  17. I have no idea. That is why I am feeling lately like I SUCK! The only time I have to blog is while the kids are watching Elmo or while Son is napping and I’m supposed to be working during the hour I schedule for Daughter’s tv time since she has not been napping for at least the past year. But then I feel double guilt. First for plopping her in front of the tv so I can get some work done. Second for working when I should be paying undivided attention to her while her brother sleeps. Oh, yeah, and the homeschooling deal is totally on break right now. I remind myself she’s not even quite four. ALL kids around her get an entire SUMMER off from the school gig. Nonetheless, I fear that my neglect of my children for wanting to selfishly manage my career successfully will have the effect of permanently damaging my children.

    Time? Time? Time? What the heck? It’s after 11 pm and I should be asleep. I just got caught up on all my backlogged work…WOOOOHOOOOO! and I should now be heading off to get a good night’s sleep before I have to get up for a day of work that will set me behind again by about 20 progress notes and 5 phone calls and a stack of billing. But what am I doing instead? Catching up on blog reading and writing really LOOOOOOOOOONNNNGGGGG comments.

    When you figure it out, please pass your great wisdom on to me! I’ll be indebted to you forever!

    By MGM on 2007 07 16

  18. Too funny.  This is a good post.  Yes, I used to spend a lot more time fussing about my posts, but now, I just write and hope not to discover too many spelling errors a week later. 

    My kids are 8 and 10, but just as needy as infants sometimes;)

    One idea is to save a bunch of posts in advance, and let them all schedule post throughout the week.  This way you can still go back and edit if you feel like it.  It does require a bit of uniterrupted time at the outset, though;)))

    Good luck.

    By Pass the Torch on 2007 07 17

  19. I love the picture of you as luggage-carrying donkey! Given the way life is with two small ones, I’m impressed that you even had time to have it taken. Or had it taken without strangling the photog. In some ways, it gets easier. Eventually. Now I blog in between letting my kids surf YouTube and upload their own digital photos.

    By Daisy on 2007 07 17

  20. Parallel Universe. My sanity is saved because I got them on the same nap schedule by sheer force of my will. I blog/email during naps. Other than that, I totally gave up on housework except for a 1 hr blitzkrieg me and husband do on Sat. Dude, this is hard. And I am totally coming up with a vision for my template….will email you next nap!

    By Kirsten on 2007 07 17