The Rock

Dec 31, 2008

#The Early Years

I was holding my daughter’s hand as we walked down the stairs. I asked her to come with me downstairs to see if we could help clean up a bit. She looked up at me, “Are you afraid to go by yourself?” “I like your company,” I replied, staying honest. So she accompanied me down the stairs, her tiny hand in mine, her Cinderella dress flowing below her fairy wings.

I remembered one night when I was her age, maybe even 5? When I lay in my bed talking to my Mom. “Mom, what happens if you die first,” I asked her. She held my hand, not unlike I was holding my own daughters, “I’d go to heaven and wait for you.” “How will I know where to find you in Heaven?” I was worried because Heaven always seemed so.. big. “I’ll be sitting on a big rock waiting for you.” I smiled, not questioning which rock, how I’ll know where, or why there are large rocks in Heaven. This just made complete sense to me.

My beliefs have changed over the years. I no longer think of Heaven as a physical place with rocks and water streams. But I can still feel the comfort I had in my heart that night my Mom said she’d wait for me on the rock. The comfort of knowing I was loved beyond this time, my lifetime. The same love and comfort I felt as I held my daughter’s hand walking down the stairs.

She helps me not be afraid, more than she realizes.


*My daugher, 3 years old, in my own Heaven: Bellingham, WA. July, 2008.


  1. This was beautiful, Leslie.

    By Angella on 2008 12 31

  2. gorgeous shot, lady.

    By Aimee Greeblemonkey on 2008 12 31

  3. I’m here because you were nominated for that 2008 Weblog award.  So glad I stopped by!

    By therapydoc on 2009 01 01

  4. Such a lovely post. Thank you.

    By Musing on 2009 01 01

  5. Oh, Leslie….I love your post.  Your message rings so true and reminds me of just how impressionable we are upon our little ones.  Lately, I too, have been recollecting upon my childhood memories…and just at what age I can really start to remember everything…and our girls are now at that age where things will hold steadfast in their memories as well. Lets hope they remember all the good, and none of the ugly.  I love LB’s picture!

    By Traci on 2009 01 01

  6. Leslie.

    I just want to hug you. That was beautiful and perfect.
    God bless you and Happy New Year sweet friend.

    By Rachel on 2009 01 01

  7. Absolutely lovely post, with a great shot making it complete.

    By Ann on 2009 01 01

  8. Awwwww Les!  You always get me teary with these wonderful “moments.”  Thanks…

    By Katie Kat on 2009 01 02

  9. Wow Leslie…I got all choked up!  Just beautiful.

    By Canadian Carrie on 2009 01 02