The Second Year

Feb 26, 2009

#Family Life

My son is nearing two. TWO. Keeping all the “It goes so quickly” and “Next thing you know they’ll be teenagers and never want to be in your presence again” and “She’ll be walking down the isle before you know it” comments at bay, let me just say this:



As it is, I hardly remember LB before she turned two. I was wrapped up in the miscarriage, the move to Seattle, and the pregnancy again (for the record, I cried real tears when I just re-read that last entry I linked. REAL TEARS. If you ever wonder why you blog, read this. This, is why you write down every single detail: So you can read, remember, and cry in the coffee shop while email and work waits for you to remember how happy you are that everything turned out ok in the end.) But I digress…


I remember enjoying her briefly, sandwiched between the PPD and the Miscarriage/New Job/ House Purchasing/ Pregnancy. It wasn’t nearly long enough, I know. I think we had about 4.2 days of real fun together those first two and a half years.

*Yes, it really does appear she’s flipping me off. And no, this is not staged. It’s an actual photo. I know. I KNOW.

Buddy gets the benefit of all those earlier mistakes.  He gets to enjoy a Mom who can appreciate each new milestone. A mom who sometimes can even laugh at the “terrible twos.” (Even if it happens to be after a glass, er, bottle of wine, but whatever. Hey! Look! Yet another great side effect of NOT PREGNANT!) 


I know this time is coming to an end, that time where MOM is GOD and the world revolves around me. I know it’s going to happen one day where instead of asking me questions they’ll tell me I know nothing. I know one day, sooner each passing hour, I’ll wonder what the hell happened to my babies. Who are these.. Children?


But for now, I’m going to write every detail of the past and present. So that when that day comes I can point to the posts, the pictures, and the videos and say, “Look! I showed the Internet your JUNK. So don’t tell ME I can’t show up at your Prom to make sure you’re not out in the back smoking pot with your friends.”


  1. So don’t tell ME I can’t show up at your Prom to make sure you’re not out in the back smoking pot with your friends

    That’s just payback for the toddler years, really.

    By Amy on 2009 02 26

  2. Ahhhhhh!

    You really should have more babies.  You and Mr.F make the cutest kids ever, not counting mine of course!

    It’s been such a fun time watching him grow into such a sweet and adorable almost 2 year old!

    You know T calls him his little brother.  I almost cried.

    By Laura on 2009 02 26

  3. It flies by way to fast!

    Your kiddos are gorgeous! (like you didn’t already know that)

    By Heather @ Domestic Extraordinaire on 2009 02 26

  4. My oldest just recently fell in love with me at the ripe old age of nine. My younger one was madly in love with me from 4-6. So don’t give up hope that after 2 it’s all downhill from there.

    Also, I rolled up my youngest middle finger in the window when he was 3 and I have an awesome picture of him “showing me” the wound I inflicted and he was never one to hold back showing and telling that would to anyone who crossed his path. Ah, the love.

    By fruitlady on 2009 02 26

  5. Happy birthday, Buddy!

    I’m crying a little about how fast you are growing and you aren’t even mine.

    By MariaV on 2009 02 27

  6. They are soooo sweet, Leslie! I cannot even believe he’s turning 2!! Seems like just yesterday you were peeing on sticks left and right. wink

    By Marie on 2009 02 27

  7. These are such cute kids!

    Also - totally fair to stalk them at prom & to use embarrassing pictures with future dates and at their weddings.  It’s all legit payback.

    By TexasRed on 2009 02 27

  8. That last picture is too adorable for words! =)

    By Sarah on 2009 02 27

  9. Those pictures are adorable.  Those dimples?  Love them!

    By Jessica on 2009 02 27

  10. Hey, what’s up, MAKER OF PERFECT CHILDREN.

    Jeez. They’re all perfect and shit. Like, reach through the screen and squeeze ‘em perfect. So writing it all down with these kids? GOOD IDEA.

    By heather... on 2009 03 02

  11. OH babe. You did great with LB. You always have. To this day you are the BEST mom I’ve ever known. I know how you feel. I wonder if I’m punishing H by having kids. The thought of a third is starting to fade in the distance as I get more time with H. DO we start all over and punish both girls? Can parents be GREAT parents even when they are stretched too thin? What’s the “right” answer?

    BUT..Know this. LB knows ONLY how much you love her. Remember that everything that happened that long ago is LOST to her short term memory…meaning…she doesn’t remember it lol. Your doing great, and THIS is what she will remembr.

    By sister flinger on 2009 03 02

  12. Well, it does go by fast.  Don’t you wish you could soak up memories of today and squeeze them out again later to be re-experienced?  Gosh, your kids are CUTE!

    By MoDLin on 2009 03 05