The Winner of the Freelancer EE LIcense Announced. Congrats @awsmsrc

Dec 28, 2010

It was time, past time, to pick the winner of my “what super hero would you be” content for a Freelancer license.

To be fair, I did draw Laura’s number first. But, as she confessed, she has no shortage of licenses, what with being married to the president and all, so I redrew. I’m thrilled THRILLED to announce a friend of mine in the EE community, Matt Robin won the license.

Way to go Random.ORG.


Thank you to everyone who played along. As a side note, I’ve decided my Super Hero power would be flight. I could fly to Paris for coffee and Rome for lunch and be home in time to grab the kids from school.

I’d be a bird. How did I never think of that until now?

(Which, I guess is more of an animal than a super power, but I’d be the bestest super human bird EVER. I’d build really cool nests made of organic materials. Yaknow, LIKE ALL BIRDS DO. Oh shut up.)

(Doesn’t that sort of beg the question: what animal would you be?)