There was a post here and now it’s gone. Here’s why.

Feb 25, 2007

Forget the politics and the Oscars. I realized about an hour after posting my snarky comments regarding Al Gore and his Oscar-Winning :: cough :: movie that it really didn’t matter. Because shortly after the Oscars, we tuned in to this episode of South Park and, as all true South Park episodes are wont to do, it became utterly clear that it’s all between a big Douche and a Turd Sandwhich.

That reminds me. I need to register to vote in this state. Thanks.


  1. Dang! I missed the snark…  but I’m with you on that Oscar-Winning ::cough:: movie…

    By Marie on 2007 02 26

  2. I guess I’m the only one who missed the Oscars! MAN! I don’t think I have ever written douche and turd in the same sentence. Now I can die a happy woman :o)

    By kelli on 2007 02 26

  3. I love that episode of South Park…well…I love almost every episode of South Park (crawling into a corner…head hung in utter shame).  Really, those guys know how to say things that most of us think but are afraid to say.  They’ve learned that if 8 year old boys say things to us…that we wont be nearly as offended.  What adult could get away with saying that elections are between a Douch and a Turd Sandwich?  But its pretty true….in politics we as the general public most of the time just have to vote for who is the lesser of 2 evils.  No one will ever be the perfect person for the job.

    By Marjorie on 2007 02 26