This is what summer is supposed to be like

Aug 05, 2007

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And why I haven’t done your web design yet. Because SOME OTHER PEOPLE made me drink this weekend. And somehow there was photographic evidence.  With my camera. (Which explains why there are 192 photos in the set. Drunk photography is almost as fantastic as drunk blogging.) Or, maybe, it’s “192 reasons I start the South Beach Diet Monday.” Because? I didn’t hold the camera the whole time. And I’m in some of them. And, well. Until I look like my icon, I should really cut back on the poke cake.

And now you will insert a big long mushy paragraph about how wonderful it is to move to a new home and find people you can enjoy, your kids can grow up together, and they understand your daily ups and downs and never call CPS when you tell them you’d like to drug your child. In fact, they laugh, which is exactly the proper response and why you love them all the more.

I have no idea what I could possibly be saying to make Bob's face do that.

Mr. Flinger

Obviously talking about something Hi-Larious. Or stocks.


We rock

is it obvious yet?

friends let friends drink while holding their baby

And so many more you may just have a hangover from looking through them all.


  1. Awww..we had so much fun too!  SO very happy we met you guys too!  We’ll have to do this again…soon!

    By Michelle on 2007 08 05

  2. Looks like someone was having a lot of fun wink

    By Poppy on 2007 08 05

  3. oh! It looks so fun!  “Drunk photography is almost as fantastic as drunk blogging”—yeah, until you actually have to LOOK at the pictures under the harsh light of sobriety! wink

    By Absolutely Bananas on 2007 08 05

  4. Ha ha, we had fun this weekend too!!  And I got lots of ‘pissed as a chook’ photos too… ain’t it fun!  Hope bubba liked his drinkies.

    By Chris H on 2007 08 06

  5. I love the photos!!!  Looks like ya’ll had a great time!  Next time, how bout you invite me over for some relaxing drinks.

    By THE DOMESTIC DIVA on 2007 08 06

  6. Feeling a little tipsy after looking at all the pictures! Looks like a good time was had by all. Can’t wait to get together for a drink or two with you guys!

    By andrea on 2007 08 06

  7. Fun!  I really must try this drunken photography.

    By andi on 2007 08 06

  8. yay!  It sounds like you had a terrific time!  I had just a leetle bit too much to drink myself Saturday night and paid for it while attempting to run on Sunday morning.  Lesson learned.

    By Jennifer on 2007 08 06

  9. It’s great to see ya’ll out having so much fun!

    p.s. your new haircut rocks, so your mood matches your hair sistah!

    By Jamie on 2007 08 06

  10. Aww, it’s so great to see you having such a great time!

    By Friglet on 2007 08 06

  11. And here I thought that you can pick your friends and you can pick your nose but you can’t pick your friend’s nose. LIES!

    By Leah on 2007 08 07