This “technology” thing

Jun 23, 2006

#Social Clutz Loveable Spaz

You know how you get a super neat sticker (pretend you’re five) and you have to share it with everyone? Then, you know how they want a sticker so you’re excited and you get them a sticker, too? Then, you know how you lose your sticker in the water and their sticker is pretty damn nice sitting in their hand all new and not wet, mushed and muddy? Then, pretend you’re thirty and the sticker is a flickr account and you talk all of your friends and family into blogging and using flickr because it’s what you do.

Then, pretend you take a picture and find it on the internet and realize you actually, honest to god, look like this:

Note to self: This is what happens when you get your friends stickers.


  1. Now, THAT is some funny shit!  LOL!

    Hey, at least you kinow how to have fun!!!

    By JakesGirl on 2006 06 23

  2. This is why there are digital cameras and why when someone takes my picture I ask to see it, and if it sucks I delete it.

    By sara on 2006 06 23

  3. Pretty soon it’ll be LB taking pics of you and posting them online as payback for the posts about her pooping…

    Pink is Mr. Flinger’s color!

    By Amy on 2006 06 23

  4. LOL!

    By lanna on 2006 06 23

  5. So blogging and Flickr are the scratch and sniff stickers of our generation! LOL…well at least ya’ll look like you’re having fun. Uh..maybe a little too much. wink

    By Jamie on 2006 06 23

  6. p.s. at least there’s not audio! smile

    By Jamie on 2006 06 23

  7. Yeah, tell Mr. Flinger I think he’s sexy in pink!!!!

    By dizzymizzy on 2006 06 23

  8. Good times! good times!!

    I really do like this picture! How Mr. Flinger looks at Mrs. Flinger!  You guys very cute together!!

    By Kerry on 2006 06 23

  9. Mrs. Flinger:  “Wazzzzzzup!  This is my homeboy, Mishizzer Flizzzinger”

    Mr. Flinger:  “Are you drunk?”

    By Charla on 2006 06 23

  10. Okay, obviously there is something wrong with me.. because I think you both look cute and now I want a hat like that. pftz.

    By holli on 2006 06 24