Three Years PostPartum

May 20, 2010

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To my son, my only son, my second born.


First, please know I don’t love you less than your sister, I love you later. Just because I realized yesterday, that I hadn’t invited anyone to your birthday party for tomorrow, doesn’t mean I don’t love you. It means I’m entirely over taxed and very, very tired which I only blame you for 40% of.

It’s pretty tough to believe it’s been three years. That’s the same amount of time the “The Indian Remote Sensing Satellite” or, IRS-1D orbited the earth taking pictures. (yea, I know things) In dog years, you’d be entering your teen-age angst.

Sometimes I think you live in Dog Years.

*Nothing says love like a choke-hold

You are really coming in to your own, Buddy. You are striving to be “the funny one” and regularly crack us up at the dinner table.


You push your chair over to help me make breakfast/lunch/dinner yelling, “I HELP YOU! I HELP YOU!”


If I bump my toe, you kiss it. “Better, Mommy?”


I pretty much am a goddess in your eyes. I don’t mind so much but your dad says you might never leave home until your mid-forties and that’s just sort of creepy.

Don’t listen to your dad.

You challenge me. Daily. Multi-daily, really. You teach me as much as I teach you. Yesterday you begged to play my guitar. “You HAFFTO play your guitar, Mommy! You HAFFTO.” I was too busy to play. So you took matters in to your own hands. “I play your guitar, Mommy? I PLAY?” I said no a few times. You insisted. I realized I was saying no out of habit and, besides, haven’t I always told you to learn acoustic and go to medial school? (The Ladies will be all over you and you can pick a lovely wife to mother my grandchildren.)

So I gave in.

This transition to the new house has been difficult for you. You have never slept alone in your entire life until two months ago. You lived in our room for 9 months and then in with your sister. I thought it would be a good time to teach you to sleep alone, you know, so you don’t seek bad relationships in a co-dependent type of way as an adult? (I think ahead.) But you and your sister tend to take matters in to your own hands and nearly every night end up sleeping together.

It’s cute and annoying and adorable at the same time.


You love taking three hour naps with me. This is proof you truly did come out of my belly. I think it’s the only gift I gave you, (your father has extremely strong face-genes) the ability to nap.


I understand now how parents connect on different levels with their children. I will always love you both. I will always be here for you both. But your sister has chosen your dad as her go-to comfort and you have chosen me. This is ok. I think it’s natural. You have so much of your dad in you, it was bound to happen that we’d connect. And your sister has so much of me in her, she’s the Yin to your dad’s Yang. Just don’t tell that to your sister when she’s older. She won’t want to hear how like me she truly is.

We loved you before you were here and now I can’t imagine our lives without you. Three years, Buddy. You’re three years old now. You know what that means?


Welcome to owning choke-able toys now, son. You’re a big kid now.

Love you,



  1. Very sweet… enjoy the day!!

    By Jamie, Mom of 3 on 2010 05 20

  2. simply beautiful post, beautiful yet funny, happy birthday little man!!

    By jenn on 2010 05 20

  3. that choked me up- so sweet!
    Happy Birthday to your big kid smile

    By Theresa on 2010 05 20

  4. My own little Buddy would run away from swimming lessons to find me (hence still not a great swimmer), stand in the closet and smell my coat when I was gone, and told me I sounded just like the radio when I sang.  He just turned 26 and is in the Air Force, which is fitting because he’s always been good at breaking stuff and shooting. 
    He is still my Buddy. Sniff, sniff

    By mtvickie on 2010 05 20

  5. This is just absolutely fabulous. I have to admit- I am a little envious that you put your talent to such good use! I wish I would make time for blogging this way-but you may have just opened that door…

    By Katie Templeton on 2010 05 20

  6. Hilarious and also so very sweet. And for what it’s worth, he might want to live with you when he’s 25 but 40? Tell your hubby that by then, your son will be married off and happy to raise his own family. After all, guitar-strumming MD’s do have their pick of the fantastic girls to marry. =)

    By Anne-Marie Faiola on 2010 05 20

  7. Happy birthday to him!

    I have to comment about the birthday party thing though.  We haven’t had a birthday party for any of our kids that involved outside people, in at least 5 years.  It’s been awesome.  I decorate the dining room, just for us, I make the cake, and I don’t have to stress about entertaining people, because it’s just us.  My kids haven’t minded so far, even though the oldest is 10, and I like that *I* can really enjoy the day too.

    By midget invasion on 2010 05 20

  8. What a funny and very sweet post, I hope you all have a *great* day and congratulations the big three!

    By Derek on 2010 05 20

  9. Nothing says I love you and you’re a grown-up like chok-able toys.

    By Megan (Best of Fates) on 2010 05 20

  10. Happy Birthday to your little dude. He’s a cutie.

    By Nancy on 2010 05 20

  11. This is SO SWEET!!  It brought tears to my eyes because my little one will be 3 in Dec.  Have a happy day together!!  smile

    By mommabird2345 on 2010 05 20

  12. HAPPY, HAPPY DAY , Little O!  We love ya!

    By Michelle Mallory on 2010 05 20

  13. Happy Birthday~

    Love your post! Matthew is me and Devin is dh and Devin is definitely waaaay more of a Momma’s boy, and my cuddler. We’ve been thinking its his age but this makes me think maybe not.

    Congrats at getting to 3! smile

    By shari on 2010 05 20

  14. Flinger, this is a beautiful love letter.

    Your fantastic ability to make me laugh and cry at the same time has struck me again. Ironically, my laughter at “choke-able toys” caused me to choke on my Diet Coke.  Dry-cleaning bill is in the mail.  :-D

    By CitricSugar on 2010 05 20


    Ahhhh buddy. LOVE!!!

    We will TOTES have a make-up bday party once we get up there!!!

    By VDog on 2010 05 20

  16. So sweet and he’s too cute!  Happy birthday to the little man!

    By AmazingGreis on 2010 05 21

  17. Wow! Beautiful. I love it all. Happy birthday.

    By patois on 2010 05 21

  18. So sweet, happy birthday big guy!

    By Sarah B on 2010 05 21

  19. Oooof. That video…Happy Birthday Big Guy!

    By Carrie on 2010 05 21

  20. CONGRATULATIONS! Chokable toys are the greatest. HUGS TO YOU.

    By hilary on 2010 05 22