To Old People Everywhere, especially the ones ALWAYS in line in front of me

Jul 17, 2008

#Life#This one time? At BlogHer?

Visa Debit Cards.



(Look! No BlogHer Post!)

(Wait, does that count? I just wrote BLOGhER)

(Shit. I Did it again.)

The End. (AGAIN.)


  1. I feel you there. I totally go nuts getting behind the people in my town. They all walk, eat, write checks, and drive like they’ve got no place in particular to be. Doesn’t it make you wonky?

    By Vicki on 2008 07 17

  2. The worst to me is the fact that some of the old folks don’t even break out their wallet until the cashier tells them the total…OK folks, we know how this transaction is going to end, feel free to prepare a few seconds early.  Then they start picking out pennies to make up the .47.  Kills me.

    By jane on 2008 07 17

  3. Oh yeah…either that or they just start digging through their damn magic change book in the bottom of their purse!


    I’m totally counting on you Les to lick and tell. wink

    By Jamie on 2008 07 17

  4. OH this one kills me.  And another thing… WHY DO THEY LET THE OLD PEOPLE DRIVE?

    By Katie Kat on 2008 07 17

  5. So right!
    Even better, online shopping.

    By Vic on 2008 07 17

  6. Oh my goodness. I just became an annoying old person.

    IN MY DEFENSE, I am the spawn of two accountants. Accountants who love their chequebooks.

    By Sarah on 2008 07 17

  7. Ha!

    By syd on 2008 07 17

  8. I try to be kind to older people in store. As far as my kids and their friends and a lot if store clerks are concerned I am all ready one of those old ladies!

    But the driving thing drives me nuts too.

    By carol on 2008 07 17

  9. We go to the upper peninsula of Michigan (inhabitants 3) every Christmas to see Kurt’s family.  The first time I went up there I was SHOCKED to learn NO ONE takes credit or debt cards - NO ONE.  I sighed and rolled my eyes when the “blue-hair” in front of us pulled out the checkbook, but was surprised that in the U.P. you don’t have to write a thing on the check.  Just hand it over, the cashier slides it through a slot on the cash register, and hands it back to the customer with all the info printed on it.  Awesome!  I say we send all the old people to the U.P.!!

    By Erica at Mom's Journal on 2008 07 17

  10. Amen & Hallelujah!  Preach it, sister!

    (also, when I’m old, I’m moving to the UP)(in the summer, anyway)

    By buffi on 2008 07 17

  11. That’s why I favor online shopping.  I don’t want to get sucked into a bad commercial. grin

    By MariaV on 2008 07 18

  12. I get even by letting my kids buy something like a Playstation game with nickels and dimes they have found in the couch.

    By ben on 2008 07 18


    By Rhi on 2008 07 19

  14. BlogHer is BLAH@!!!!

    By child safety on 2008 07 22

  15. Living here has been good for me. The pace here is so slow. If someone wants to write a check (like me), I really don’t care. Goodness, people here don’t even honk at you when you miss a green light. It is mainly the tourists and people who have moved here from the mainland who honk at you. Sometimes people will let you sit through a green light and it can turn red again and they won’t honk at you—I have seen it happen (no, it wasn’t me who missed the light!).
    So, if we ever go shopping, friend, guess you had better get in line in front of me (hee hee: I do use my debit on occasion).
    Love you!

    By hilary on 2008 07 25