Tonight I am thankful for my job

Feb 07, 2008

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I’m grateful to have so much work to do tonight. Because the Man Baby, he has the RSV. THE RSV. The Really Snotty Virus. The Runny Shit Virus. The Rotten Stupid Virus of DOOOOOOM.

I’m doing everything I can to not google “RSV and PREEMIE and NOW GIANT MAN BABY” because I’m afraid of what it’ll tell me. I’m hearing the nurses in the NICU rail OnAndOnAndOnAndOn “Don’t let him get sick” “Don’t let him get RSV” “Start praying to God now that he doesn’t get RSV” “You’ll shoot your eye out”

It’s ok. We’re ok. He’s ok. In fact, the Doc (McHottie) thinks he’s had it for a while. So much so that he’s no longer contagious and should be out of the woods in a week or so.

A week is a very very very long time in Baby Years.

At his nine month “well” baby check he came in at 80% height (29 inches!) and 40% weight (20 pounds!). He’s pulling to a stand, he has six gum-cutting teeth and one on the way. He’s saying “LALALALA” and “BABABABA” and laughs almost religiously at his sister. We love him so deeply that I can not, dare not, ever want to remember our lives without him.

So tonight I’m sticking my nose in the computer and trying not to run up and listen to him breathe, praying for no wheezing, no labor, no cough. Instead, I’ll pray for my CSS to validate and my clients to be happy. It gives me some sense of control and that’s OK.

I wish he’d just get better.

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  1. Aww…Poor baby. I remember all the RSV lectures we got at the NICU too. Bear got RSV at Thanksgiving which opened him up to several other viruses. He was in the hospital for 2 days. Plenty of fluids, Tylenol, and breathing treatments. He came out fine. The nasty cough lasted awhile. Just be cautious about him picking up other viruses. Your giant man baby will be fine.

    By Someone Being Me on 2008 02 07

  2. Hey,

    I am an RT, so what do you want to here. I can tell you that everyone gets RSV by the age of 5… and that in most of us, it is just like a cold. With premies… it is a little different, because of the oxygen. (at least you aren’t at altitude like here!!!) If you can keep him cleared out and breathing decent, you can definitely keep him out of the hospital. Humidification works for these little ones. Hot steamy showers (and yes, I know it isn’t croop… but the particles in the shower are big enough they don’t get down too far to hurt him, but small enough to get down to help)

    Anyway, I have lots more in this brain of mine that my dh likes to remind me doesn’t have an MD behind it, but it does have 25 years of snot and coughing!!! smile


    By Leslie on 2008 02 07

  3. Dude, all I can do is laugh. Alex has the RSV, Alex was full term/overdue, he has 3 teeth, and weighs 18 pounds 12 ounces as of his 9 month well baby check last week.

    So your preemie kid just kicked my kid’s ass. He’s gonna be just fine smile

    (Meanwhile my state is trying to shut down b/c of the flu - and I skipped the flu shot cuz my kid is never outside. OMFG.)

    By Dawn S. on 2008 02 07

  4. (and I really do know how to spell HEAR wink)

    By Leslie on 2008 02 07

  5. We’re all up in the preemie RSV, too.  And Little Man was 29 inches at 9 months too!!  Look at our super preemies!! WOOOOOooooooTTTtt!!! Awesomeness!
    I think LM had it all last week, and just got diagnosed this week since he was pulling at his ears and then spiked a fever—double ear infections to boot.  Ugh.

    Hope the Man Baby gets well soon!

    By VDog on 2008 02 07

  6. Anya is sick too.  Her breathing sounds awful and I keep hoping it’ll magically get better.  So far? not so much.


    Here’s hoping fairy’s sneak into our babies beds tonight and cure them of the evil yick.

    By wannabe hippie on 2008 02 07

  7. Ooh, poor Man Baby!!  Hope there is a speedy recovery cause that all sucks! :(

    We’ve been dealing with the Puking Toddler Syndrome over yonder since Sunday… and now Mom and Dad have The Shits.  And the Stomach Upset from Hell.  And, damnit, being 7-some months pregnant is bad enough without this added on top.

    By tjsmommy on 2008 02 07

  8. Poor little dude!

    Praying he heals quickly smile

    By Angella on 2008 02 07

  9. Ah, I know its hard.  Ben went through it too.  He got over it and all was right with the world again.  I honestly don’t remember much about it except the breathing treatment the doc had me do in the exam room.

    So sorry ManBaby has to go through it.  I know its miserable (for you too!)

    By Sleeping Mommy on 2008 02 07

  10. RSV is so awful for everyone. Scary and miserable.  I hope he gets better SOON.

    By loralee on 2008 02 07

  11. My love & special get better prayer for Baby O tonight!

    Love ya, Babe!

    By Alli ~Mrs. Fussypants on 2008 02 07

  12. Ack. Hug.

    By Annika on 2008 02 07

  13. Sending hugs to you all from AZ. Lucian had RSV when he was 6 mos old and we were on the other side of the country at the time. We didn’t know he had it till we got out there and had to see a pediatrician out of network. (full cost! UGH!) It was Christmas and everyone was sick with something. We basically quarantined ourselves at my Mom’s place. It SUCKED but he was such a trooper. We had to do breathing treatments for about a week but we got through it.

    I don’t know too many kids that DON’T get it. It’s just one of those things that happens I guess.

    My baby is sick too, but this time it’s my MacBook Pro. Lucian decided to give it a drink of diluted apple juice. It’s been “tented” since 1 pm and I’m hoping it will boot up tomorrow. Here’s to hoping all our babies get better soon! (and my human child stops breaking electronics in this house!)

    Is ManBaby getting breathing treatments yet? I hope he doesn’t need them but if he does, they worked well for us. If he cries while giving it to him, the nurse told us that is a GOOD thing because he will inhale more of the medicine. Hope it works out for you all. You WILL get through this hell soon!

    By TheMacMommy on 2008 02 08

  14. I am sorry your babe is sick. Mine had a stuffy room last night so I kept the LIVING room fan on directed in her room’s direction. She woke up all wheezy **AUGGH** and so I gave her the nebulizer treatment (SIGH) and she was OK soon after. Guess I won’t be doing that again. It would have been better to open her window. Oh well. We live and learn, just wish it wasn’t do stressfull at times.

    My preemie (I forget she was!) just weighed in at 25# and 31 1/2 inches a couple weeks ago (17 months). Oh and speaking of 25# she fell asleep right before I got to Costco…and I had to carry her around while shopping. My shoulder is kinda sore today.

    I am praying for Baby O. and you too, my friend! This too shall pass.

    Love ya!

    By hilary on 2008 02 08

  15. Poor guy, hope the RSV clears itself up soon.

    And wow, those are some stats! I think Mira, who was a week overdue, is roughly 29 inches and 20 pounds. MiracleGro baby!

    By Christina on 2008 02 08

  16. Poor guy and poor mama.  Hope that little man gets all patched up soon.

    By Jennifer on 2008 02 08

  17. When Shea was 5 mos old he got RSV which gave him bronchitis (baby on a nebulizer - good times!!) and a week after he cleared that he got a double ear infection! Lots of puking - woohoo! RSV sucks but you are already on the other side of it! You will all survive I promise!! Until then good thoughts for the little big man for a speedy recover!

    By Susie on 2008 02 08

  18. Aww! Poor lovey. Man is he cute!

    By Marie on 2008 02 08

  19. I’ll be thinking of you and the Giant Man Baby!!!  Keep yourselves healthy, I have had quite enough of hospitals for all of us!

    By Heather on 2008 02 08

  20. Aw, I hope he gets better soon.

    By LifeAsIKnowIt on 2008 02 08